Civil liberties and privacy advocates said the renewal did not do enough to protect Americans from being spied upon.
After a week of wrangling, the bill will go to the Senate with a shorter renewal period than originally sought.
As an April 19 deadline approaches, it's increasingly likely the existing law will be extended.
Advocates will get a chance for a floor vote on how agencies gather personal data, but they say it’s a set up.
A collection of groups concerned about the government’s warrantless surveillance authority issued a warning before the upcoming House debate.
A monthly privacy fee "does not actually give consumers a free choice," the European Consumer Organisation says.
Sen. Ron Wyden revealed that a conservative group targeted visitors of 600 Planned Parenthood clinics with social media ads peddling abortion misinformation.
He claims that prison officers unlawfully accessed his records and that one provided information to Tasha K for her gossip show.
When it's possible that your insurance premiums could go up based on how often you're using a fast food app, it's time to think twice.
Dr. Jackson Gates said he would never post the identity of patients in his videos, but attorneys for the baby's parents say he invaded their privacy.