Proud Boys

In this excerpt from "We Are Proud Boys," Trump's longtime confidant says he guided the gang's leaders through their political ambitions — and their crimes.
"We're all felons, yeah!" a member of the far-right extremist group said amid the 2021 attack in Washington.
Canada’s Parliament unanimously passed a motion calling on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to designate the Proud Boys a terrorist organization. But some extremism experts worry the symbolic move may politicize a national security process.
Kellye SoRelle attended parking garage meeting with Oath Keepers head Stewart Rhodes and Proud Boys ex boss Enrique Tarrio night before storming of Capitol.
Pruitt came within seconds of Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer during the Jan. 6 insurrection.
Authorities are looking into Ricky Shiffer's self-proclaimed connections to the insurrection and extremists at the Capitol.
The committee plans to reveal coordination between Trump associates like Roger Stone and Michael Flynn and the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys.
Running the column was "outside of our responsibility to provide a fair forum for different points of view," the editor of the Sarasota Herald-Tribune wrote.
Gay men hijacked the “proud boys” hashtag, flooding it with images with loved ones with the intent of diverting attention from the hate group.
The Jan. 6 committee has said it is looking closely at any ties between people in Trump’s orbit and extremist groups accused of helping put into motion the violence at the Capitol.