Public Schools

HB 1467, which went into effect July 1, requires school books to be pre-approved by state-certified media specialists who won't be trained until next year.
The Supreme Court ruled in favor of a public school football coach who sought to pray on the field after games.
“The attempt to cloak book bans and censorship as a parent issue is not working,” said American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten.
The anti-transgender law passed in Iowa’s House Chamber last week and cleared the Iowa Senate on a 31–17 vote.
Teachers worry about the chilling effect the bill could have on LGBTQ students who need support.
In a narrow vote, the California city's school board decided to close seven schools and merge others over two years in the majority Black and Latinx district.
The Republican governor has issued an order allowing the parents of public-school students to choose whether their children wear masks at school.
As the coronavirus pandemic wanes in the United States, some parents are wondering if their children should return to public school.
The New York Democrat is endorsing a $1.16 trillion plan to retrofit school buildings to be cleaner and greener and to hire more teachers.
The flight of well-off families to private schools is just one more way COVID-19 has widened inequalities in the education system.