Public Schools

The Obama administration, on the other hand, championed charter schools.
The former vice president hopes to give public school teachers a raise by tripling funding for Title I schools.
Using the symbols has been “a source of pain and anguish" for American Indian tribes, said Gov. Janet Mills (D).
Critics say the bill would divert resources from public schools. Betsy DeVos says that's "fake news."
“He was not an active and visible member of the church, no,” Pastor David Lewicki recalled.
Critics on Twitter thought the president should expand his own grasp of Scripture on immigrants, the sick and the poor.
Elevated levels of lead and copper were discovered in the water at several recently-tested schools.
Advocates involved with the lawsuit hope the court ruling has repercussions across the country.
Which is weird, because lead causes brain damage in children.
About a million public school students were out of the classroom.
The current debate over school funding must move beyond teacher salaries and whether the books in public schools are tattered.
Any state that's been telling teachers to tighten their belts for years has been put on notice.
The state Senate didn't deliver on the pay hikes the governor had laid out.
He wants to give guns to "only the best" teachers, like ones who've been in the military.
“She was a wake-up call to everyone who was concerned about the future of public education."
Up and down the East Coast, the incoming storm is making infrastructure problems worse.
Many of the parents and children who've returned after being battered and displaced by the hurricane still feel abandoned by our city.
Last week, students at Los Angeles’s Alliance College-Ready network of charter schools dropped to the floor, crawled under