Public Schools

As the coronavirus pandemic wanes in the United States, some parents are wondering if their children should return to public school.
The New York Democrat is endorsing a $1.16 trillion plan to retrofit school buildings to be cleaner and greener and to hire more teachers.
The flight of well-off families to private schools is just one more way COVID-19 has widened inequalities in the education system.
Andrew Levy's donation means hundreds of kids in Jupiter schools can get full meals again.
The Obama administration, on the other hand, championed charter schools.
The former vice president hopes to give public school teachers a raise by tripling funding for Title I schools.
Using the symbols has been “a source of pain and anguish" for American Indian tribes, said Gov. Janet Mills (D).
Critics say the bill would divert resources from public schools. Betsy DeVos says that's "fake news."
“He was not an active and visible member of the church, no,” Pastor David Lewicki recalled.