Purdue Pharma

The Sacklers, the family behind OxyContin, allegedly wired around a billion dollars to their own bank accounts while defending their role in the opioid crisis.
OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma has settled a consolidated lawsuit accusing the company and the Sackler family of being responsible for the opioid crisis.
Purdue Pharmaceuticals is involved in over 2,000 lawsuits related to more than 400,000 overdose deaths in the last 20 years.
The decision comes after protesters demanded that the name be taken down in light of the ongoing opioid crisis.
From 2006 to 2012, prescription opioids contributed to more than 100,000 deaths in the U.S.
State Attorney General Aaron Ford said the defendants have “the deaths of thousands of Nevadans ... on their hands."
California, Maine, Hawaii and the District of Columbia are accusing Purdue Pharma of helping fuel the rise in drug overdoses linked to opioids.
The 2020 presidential contender said justice needed to be served against drugmakers like Purdue Pharma.
The decision follows scores of lawsuits filed against the billionaire family and its opioid company, Purdue Pharma.
The Sackler family, which runs Purdue Pharma, has been accused of fueling the opioid epidemic out of sheer greed.
"Last Week Tonight" host recruits Michael Keaton, Bryan Cranston, Michael K. Williams and Richard Kind to take on the Sackler family.
The state may have a tougher case: “It looks more like they are trying to browbeat Johnson & Johnson into settling.”
The billionaire family, which owns OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma, distanced itself from the addiction crisis in a letter of warning.
The Guggenheim Museum in New York and the Tate galleries in the U.K. have said they won't accept more money from the Sackler Trust.
The New York museum’s decision follows similar moves by museums in London amid the ongoing opioid crisis.
The charitable organization tied to the Sackler family, which owns OxyContin manufacturer Purdue Pharma, said it had “jointly agreed not to proceed.”
As OxyContin addiction spurred a national nightmare, a member of the family that has reaped billions of dollars from the painkiller boasted that sales exceeded his “fondest dreams.”
This lesser known case against Purdue Pharma in Oklahoma is set to be the first of the 330 state and federal lawsuits on opioids to go to trial.
Purdue Pharma, which is owned by the Sackler family, manufactures and markets OxyContin -- one of the prescription painkillers at the center of the opioid crisis.
Federal regulator slammed as Massachusetts sues billionaire Sacklers for pushing OxyContin.