Rachel Maddow

"It's about performative sycophancy, bending the knee abjectly, to Donald Trump," said the MSNBC anchor.
“I mean, there are other things to talk about if you are in opposition, right?” the MSNBC anchor said.
The MSNBC host recalled the day a year ago when the president suggested a jaw-dropping COVID-19 treatment.
"What is the doom that you sense might be impending?" MSNBC host Rachel Maddow asked Dr. Rochelle Walensky.
The newly elected Democratic senator calls on Americans to "stand up and say no" to Georgia's assault on voting rights.
“I mean this is some masochistic stuff right here," the MSNBC anchor said of Republicans who just keep prostrating themselves before the ex-president.
The nation's top infectious disease expert said he got "chills just looking" at footage of people attending the motorcycle event in Daytona Beach, Florida.
"Get petty for once. It’s OK. This is a big effing deal," the MSNBC anchor urged President Joe Biden.
“Why did they keep this information secret from the American public?” the MSNBC anchor asked.
“There is no conspiracy theory he won’t peddle to defend Trump," CNN's Erin Burnett said of the Wisconsin Republican.