Rachel Maddow

The president is trying to save himself -- at the cost of his vice president, the MSNBC host says.
The MSNBC host fears Trump and his allies will render the term meaningless.
The MSNBC host explained why she thinks impeachment is inevitable on "The Late Show."
"The Republican Party would rather disadvantage their own candidates” than risk any of them taking a stand against Trump, Maddow said.
The small, family-owned network based in San Diego is challenging Fox News for conservative cable and satellite TV viewers.
“At this show, we have tried to follow this as best we can," said the MSNBC host.
The CNN host thanked his Fox News rival for having his back during the "Fredo" video incident.
"This is a critical moment in our democracy, so of course our faithful journalists are focused on what really matters. And that’s ratings, baby!"
The president is under fire after telling a coalition of progressive Democrats to "go back" to the countries they came from.
Trump, who has yet to invite the U.S. women’s national soccer team to the White House, has been pushing a message that is “excluding people,” Rapinoe said.
Tucker Carlson took aim at Sen. Cory Booker, describing him as one of “the two whitest candidates on stage” for speaking in Spanish: "Got That, Gringo?"
The MSNBC host explained why it was impossible to “game out” the political impact.
The MSNBC host recalled former President Richard Nixon's disastrous attempt to rebrand the national holiday.
Trump tried to hold the meeting at one of his golf resorts, but Irish officials balked at promoting one of his properties.
The former Secretary of State told Rachel Maddow that Trump's repeated attacks on her are diversions that act as a tool to “fire up [Trump's] hard-core base.”
The former presidential candidate wonders how Republicans would react if a Democrat asked China to hack Trump's tax returns.
The MSNBC host explained why "it’s just better the second day."
The MSNBC host had 15 key queries – including one about Donald Trump recognizing Russia attacked the election.
Fox News' primetime hosts celebrated. Others took a more measured tone.