Racism in America

“I don’t know that as a woman alone in a park that I had another option," said Amy Cooper, who definitely had other options.
The Democratic senator's staff disputed a local report that the club had only white members, but admitted that the club lacks diversity.
Amy Cooper is accusing Franklin Templeton of defamation along with race and gender discrimination.
"We are used to minimizing our own pain because we don’t want to rock the boat."
Prosecutors asked a judge to drop the case against her after she took a class on racial bias.
The levels of hate and bigotry in America have not diminished, a rep for the Southern Poverty Law Center told the Associated Press.
It's a form of white privilege to believe things can be business as usual following the mob assault on the U.S. Capitol.
Amy Cooper's second 911 call falsely claimed a Black man "tried to assault her," prosecutors said.
In an absurd claim made on Wednesday, the attorney general compared coronavirus stay-at-home orders to centuries of anti-Black murder and sexual assault.
The president has launched yet another attack against education intended to address racism in America.