Racism in America

In a Newsweek essay, Amy Cooper says her actions were driven by “panic and vulnerability” and blames the Black man she accosted for the incident.
The former vice president cited the experience of his family of white college graduates to celebrate the Supreme Court's decision.
The two-time Oscar winner spoke from places in the heart about her white privilege.
"Students tackled the Louisiana literacy test, which was given to would-be Black voters in the 1960s. Every one of them failed."
Two officers reported violated department policy during the traffic stop last month by not ticketing Mimi Israelah when she couldn't produce her license.
The racist incident is prompting discussions about the long history of white people falsely reporting Black people to the police.
At the 1968 Olympic games, Tommie Smith and John Carlos raised their fists to protest racism in the United States. Nearly fifty years later, their example still resonates across the NFL.
"Many of these people are educated, and hold jobs or positions that give them some form of power or influence over Black people."
“I don’t know that as a woman alone in a park that I had another option," said Amy Cooper, who definitely had other options.
The Democratic senator's staff disputed a local report that the club had only white members, but admitted that the club lacks diversity.