Ralph Nader

The Federal Aviation Administration determined that as many as 148 parts could have been manufactured improperly.
Have you no empathy or compassion whatsoever?
Who was that certain someone who made Hayden the director of the NSA? Bill Clinton. Yes, there was more damaging intel on
In 2000, after I helped Arianna Huffington put on the Shadow Conventions opposite the Republican and Democratic national
This is a bizarre time in U.S. presidential politics. American voters are faced with an unsavory choice between two presidential candidates, neither of whom would be viable if the other party offered a credible alternative.
Some of these Nader voters now work for the Democratic Party -- and deeply regret their 2000 vote.
While it is easy to understand the reasons that some people might be inclined to choose a "protest" vote -- or decide to sit on their hands -- the fact is that either of these actions will have one and only one result: putting Donald Trump into the White House.
Trying for a "perfect" candidate can be a disaster; we may end up with someone diametrically opposed to our values.
A similarly unpleasant choice now looms before the American electorate--between Donald Trump, the xenophobic, nationalist demagogue, on one side, and Hillary Rodham Clinton, the unrepentant militarist, Wall Street shill, and unindicted emailer, on the other.
It was in George Washington’s Farewell Address that he warned political parties would be “potent engines, by which cunning
When Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton square off next month for their first debate, it's unlikely a third candidate will join them. That's by design, not because voters don't want another option; nearly half say they're open to voting for a third party.
She has a simple message to disaffected Bernie Sanders supporters that seems to be resonating: I represent your progressive values. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump do not.
According to press accounts, Hillary Clinton is ignoring her party's progressive base. If she does so, she may open the door to a Trump presidency.
Last month, as part of Ralph Nader's four-day conference in Washington, DC, Breaking Through Power, my friend Raed Jarrar
The only way I could support the Hillary Clinton ticket is if she picked Elizabeth Warren as VP and an FBI indictment of Hillary is announced prior to the election and she drops out. I'm voting my conscience, though I haven't decided if that's a vote for the Libertarian Johnson/Weld ticket or a write-in for Bernie Sanders.
2014-02-03-BothSidesNowLogoPlaincolhirescopy1.jpgTrue, all pundits mis-overestimated the Republican base. But as the General Election de facto now begins, Shrum & Frum discuss Trump's cumulative "Joseph Welch" moment due to four re-enforcing events: Clinton's pounding, Trump U fraud of average people, attack on a "Mexican" judge, and media shift from complicit to critical. Then: We analyze trends and odds for anticipating Nov 8. And is an implosion more likely than a comeback?
After 34 years as one of the most gutsy and consistent liberals in Congress, Barbara Boxer is retiring from the Senate. In this year, of all years, her life in politics holds important lessons for Democrats and progressives.