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There have been a number of disturbing events of police misconduct around the country that have been caught on tape and we must make sure these officers are properly disciplined. But we must not lose sight of the fact that every day, New York's thin blue line keep all of us safe and they continue to do so by breaking previous crime lows.
Since we're living in a data-driven, grades obsessed world, it's time to gather around for Mayor Bill de Blasio's midterm report card. It's halfway through the Mayor's four-year term. First terms are notoriously hard but since this is the big time, there's no grading on a curve.
It was a ground war, after all, that gave rise to the group in the first place.
In a classic example of the media being stenographers for law enforcement, DNAinfo delivers a piece built exclusively off of the word of police sources. Almost every single paragraph ends with 'police sources say', 'police said' or some other variation.
Ray Kelly offers up a theory for which there is very little evidence.
We are a long way from justice and this case will have to work its way through the prosecutor, jury selection and trial, but just the contrast of this tragic incident and that of Garner's death and others is remarkable.
The priest's 10-track album is entitled "Where I Belong" and features Celtic-inspired arrangements with acoustic guitar, piano
"That is completely wrong. Actually, the people who do the most for the black community in America are the police," he said
There is a third way for crime fighting: Keep "Broken Windows" policing but reimagine it so that petty crimes only lead to fines and summonses, not arrests and in extreme cases (like Eric Garner), forcible arrests that can lead to seemingly excessive use of force.

After white cops kill three black suspects, two grand juries seem steered to no charges. What's different now are huge, national non-violent protests involving tens of thousands yet no demonstrator deaths, unlike '60s race riots. Could this actually be a "teachable moment" leading to change? Maybe yes, Matalin and Reagan agree.

He was cautious and deliberate. I left the 30 minute interview almost shocked.
And yet, even Ray Kelly thinks police in Ferguson, Missouri, have gone way too far in their handling of the turmoil after
For the first time, Maria Di Toro speaks publicly about her 2012 allegations against Greg Kelly, morning show host and son
There was no mention in Sherwood's note about the thing Kelly is most famous for: his department's rampant use, and staunch
ALBANY — The Legislature’s Black and Hispanic Caucus has drafted a scathing letter demanding that Gov. Cuomo rescind his
The lawsuit, and another filed by Graham's neighbor who was threatened by police just before the shooting, was cleared to
New York's new mayor made clear from the beginning that he would put an end to NYPD's aggressive "stop and frisk" policies. So, what does he do? He turns around and appoints a police commissioner who, under Rudy Giuliani, ushered in that very same stop and frisk mentality.
Generally, ex-commissioners eschew city-funded protection or pay for it themselves if they can afford it, or ultimately ask