The state tried to take the partisanship out of its political maps, but partisans aren’t having it.
Of the 10 new congressional seats expected this year, six are likely to be in Southern states
Democrats failed to flip GOP-controlled state legislatures where the critical decennial redistricting battles will take place after the 2020 census.
The former president said Democrats should ditch the “Jim Crow relic” to make Election Day a national holiday, end gerrymandering and revitalize the Voting Rights Act.
Due to racial gerrymandering and voter suppression, Black voters in the South have to jump through hoops to cast ballots and demand fair representation in their government.
Rep. George Holding said he won't seek reelection after a court-approved map made his North Carolina district heavily Democratic.
The files could show partisan efforts to redraw districts to benefit Republicans.
A three-judge panel said the districts were so gerrymandered toward Republicans that they violated the state's constitution.
"Ask yourself one simple question: Is this how American democracy is supposed to work?" the Supreme Court justice said in June.
Activists believe state courts may offer a way to rein in excessive gerrymandering.