Activists believe state courts may offer a way to rein in excessive gerrymandering.
A new program will train people in the basics of redistricting and why it matters to their everyday lives.
“It’s particularly rich that Republicans are claiming that the commission discriminates on the basis of partisan affiliation," one expert said.
So far, not a single question has been posed about gerrymandering or other key voting rights issues.
The racial gerrymandering case in Texas was seen as a test of the remaining power of the Voting Rights Act.
Kagan dissented strongly in the June 27 case and said Thursday she was writing for the future.
Trump has jumped into a battle over whether states can draw districts based only on the population that is eligible to vote, a move that would benefit Republicans.
Trump said last week that he was “very seriously” considering executive action to try to force the question’s inclusion.
The administration is pressing ahead with its bid for a citizenship question on the census, despite a Supreme Court defeat.
The chief justice suggested that voters could turn to politicians, who benefit from gerrymandering, to end the practice.
Conservative justices ruled 5-4 that extreme partisan gerrymandering is fine. Guess which party benefits the most?
Sen. Elizabeth Warren called the gerrymandering decision an "abomination."
In a blistering dissent read from the bench, the Supreme Court justice said extreme gerrymandering could render elections "meaningless."
The ruling opens the door for lawmakers to draw districts that greatly benefit their party.
The 2020 hopeful's latest proposal would implement strict federal standards for election security, automatic voter registration and make Election Day a holiday.
“He had years to delete those files,” Stephanie Hofeller said in an interview.
The Alabama Women’s Center is one of three remaining abortion providers in the state — and the sole provider within 150 miles
Lawyers representing North Carolina Republicans said lawyers representing Common Cause obtained the information unethically.
The justices are asked to allow a lower court to gather more information about the role a GOP redistricting expert had in adding the question to the 2020 survey.
The files could contain a trove of documents laying bare how Republicans gerrymandered throughout the country.