“We are in a new landscape,” said John Bisognano, president of the National Democratic Redistricting Committee.
North Carolina’s newly GOP-controlled state Supreme Court threw out a previous ruling against gerrymandered voting maps and upheld a voter ID law.
The court is asking for new briefs after the North Carolina Supreme Court granted a rehearing in the underlying case.
Maureen O’Connor, former chief justice of the Ohio Supreme Court, is speaking out after the state's top Republicans repeatedly defied the court's orders.
The independent state legislature theory is “historically implausible,” “antithetical” to the Constitution and rooted in an “utterly discredited” and “phony” historical document.
Florida's governor delivered four House seats to Republicans with the congressional map he drew – in contrast to Trump, who lost at least two seats.
The court’s election law decisions favored Republican political interests across the board.
The GOP wins will likely lead to more favorable gerrymanders and threaten abortion rights.
A new independent redistricting commission erased a GOP gerrymander, fueling Democratic optimism that they can flip one — and maybe both — state legislative chambers.
State legislatures will be in the spotlight as a result of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling giving the power to regulate abortion to the states.