Given the chance to lock in a much bigger partisan advantage, state lawmakers took a cautious approach instead.
The legislature’s map could have a major impact on which party controls the U.S. House of Representatives next year.
The end of the decade will see redistricting votes in statehouses nationwide, and Democrats want to maximize their ability to influence those decisions.
The ruling gives an advantage to Democrats, who can draw a new map that will reduce election odds for Republicans in 2024.
The liberal-controlled Wisconsin Supreme Court is scheduled to hear arguments in a redistricting case that Democrats hope will result in new, more favorable legislative maps for elections in 2024.
This week's case lays bare the results of a 2019 Supreme Court precedent that effectively greenlit partisan gerrymandering.
The case is the latest in a string of redistricting cases making their way through the federal courts following the 2020 census.
A newly elected liberal Wisconsin Supreme Court justice has declined to recuse herself from a pair of redistricting lawsuits.
The new 2nd congressional district for 2024 is 49% Black and voted for Joe Biden 56%-43% in 2020.
The decision was the latest to strike down new congressional maps in Southern states over concerns that they diluted Black voting power.