Removal of Confederate Monuments and Memorials

The bust of Nathan Bedford Forrest, a Ku Klux Klan leader and Confederate general, will be relocated to museum.
The development comes more than five years after a 2016 removal push focused on the Lee statue.
Republicans used the bill as an opportunity to blast Democrats and critical race theory.
“I think this is symbolic of where we are heading as a country,” said the leader the organization that owns the park holding Nathan Bedford Forrest's remains.
No state removed more Confederate memorials in 2020 than Virginia, but Snyder, a GOP gubernatorial hopeful, says those efforts are tantamount to erasing history.
Harry F. Byrd Sr. is considered the architect of the state's racist “massive resistance” policy to public school integration.
The vote came hours after Trump renewed his threat to veto the bill unless lawmakers clamp down on social media companies.
Statues torn down. Schools rechristened. A state flag axed. New data shows that 2020’s anti-racist protests are accelerating America's de-Confederation.
Portsmouth, Virginia, police can't subpoena city prosecutor Stephanie Morales in questionable felony cases and thereby remove her from the matter.
Angela Greene has aligned herself with political opponents of the Virginia senator that the Portsmouth Police Department charged with felony offenses.