Republican Party

Gov. Kasich, Rep Rooney and other Republicans have started showing signs of discomfort with the Trump administration's changing defense in light of the impeachment inquiry.
Republicans for the Rule of Law released the commercial after the president decided to host the next G-7 summit at a Trump golf resort.
The president's most loyal voters are turning on him, the former Pennsylvania senator says.
Justin Walker lacks the experience to be a lifetime federal judge, the American Bar Association says. But Republicans are ready to confirm him anyway.
They huffed and they puffed and, well, they’re still not standing up to Trump.
Republicans are clamoring for a vote. Democrats are not.
Congressional Democrats fare a little better, a new HuffPost/YouGov survey finds.
More and more, figures in the White House are bringing God into state business.
Hunter argued that he was the best candidate for the job despite his approaching federal trial.
President Donald Trump is being slammed for disregarding to pay back cities for holding his campaign rallies.
The former Senate Democratic leader says Trump is going to be a lot more formidable than his rivals might think.
Faced with an impeachment inquiry, President Donald Trump has openly defied the core constructs of the Constitution.
The longtime conservative commentator says the GOP could be looking at a historic defeat in 2020.
Republicans with political wiggle room say it could be worse. Others in tight races are playing dumb.
The Colorado senator up for reelection in 2020 grew angry with reporters when they wouldn't let him dodge the question.
The party has drawn up a list of more than 60 target races, aiming to make impeachment a central theme.
The CNN host calls on Republican lawmakers to put the country ahead of the party.
Dobbs jumped fully into battle for Trump as he insisted Republicans apologize to the president.
"When Republicans say our nation's laws are 'just a joke,' they mean it," the Democratic lawmaker tweeted.
Many felt betrayed by the senator, and they’re taking action ahead of next year’s election.