Republican Party

The former Senate Democratic leader says Trump is going to be a lot more formidable than his rivals might think.
Faced with an impeachment inquiry, President Donald Trump has openly defied the core constructs of the Constitution.
The longtime conservative commentator says the GOP could be looking at a historic defeat in 2020.
Republicans with political wiggle room say it could be worse. Others in tight races are playing dumb.
The Colorado senator up for reelection in 2020 grew angry with reporters when they wouldn't let him dodge the question.
The party has drawn up a list of more than 60 target races, aiming to make impeachment a central theme.
The CNN host calls on Republican lawmakers to put the country ahead of the party.
Dobbs jumped fully into battle for Trump as he insisted Republicans apologize to the president.
"When Republicans say our nation's laws are 'just a joke,' they mean it," the Democratic lawmaker tweeted.
Many felt betrayed by the senator, and they’re taking action ahead of next year’s election.
The "View" co-host slammed any Republican backing Trump's decision to step aside as Turkey prepares to invade Syria.
The former secretary of state is urging members of the GOP to adopt a see-something, say-something approach on Trump's behavior.
While the Utah Senator's current position breaks from GOP ranks, he hasn’t gone so far as to support the impeachment inquiry.
Republicans are not as unified over the controversy as the president is insisting.
Top Republicans worry that if his status becomes dire, he'll take the party down with him. Others worry he wouldn’t stop with just the party.
South Carolina is among at least four states that have nixed Republican primaries and caucuses, an effort that helps smooth Trump’s path to reelection.
GOP officials claim the impeachment inquiry into Trump “supercharged” the president’s fundraising efforts.
Several Republican lawmakers and conservatives in media stressed that the day is not worthy of any fanfare.
"That’s kind of a tough question," Sen. James Inhofe said. Is it, though?
The Republican former senator urges members of his party to oppose the president's reelection if he's not impeached.