Republican Party

“The Science Guy” offered three words to conservative lawmakers while addressing Hurricane Ian's impact.
Rep. Matt Gaetz was one of several House Republicans who voted against a resolution to allow FEMA to use up to $15 million in the Disaster Relief Fund.
Tudor Dixon, the party’s nominee for governor, had the smallest contingent of visible allies, judging by the campaign apparel that people wore to the Michigan rally.
A letter from the acting U.S. archivist on Friday detailed the record-keeping agency's next move to retrieve Trump White House records.
The deal resolves allegations that he made unwanted sexual advances to a GOP donor at a Las Vegas event.
Alabama Republicans' argument for a race-blind approach to redistricting could lead to the "biggest decline in Black and Latino representation in generations."
Democrats failed once again to pass their voting rights legislation due to the fact that the Senate filibuster rules were not changed.
The Trump administration has been engulfed in three new scandals. And they all revolve around the disgraced former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.
Democrats are hoping to defy history. Republicans are betting on economic issues.
Six Republican-led states are suing the Biden administration to try and halt its plan to forgive student loan debt for millions of Americans.