Republican Party

The ineptitude of Trump’s legal team reportedly forced GOP senators to take matters into their own hands by choreographing his Ukraine trial defense.
The Republican senator from Nebraska is the "sole finalist" to be president of the University of Florida.
They may not be his biggest fans, but GOP voters in battleground counties are sticking with the Senate candidate despite reports he paid for an abortion.
The 23-year-old son of Herschel Walker called his father out after the Republican nominee for Senate in Georgia reportedly paid for a woman to have an abortion.
They are "now literally indistinguishable from a MAGA troll," said Tim Miller.
In an undercover video, the GOP candidate for Virginia governor, Glenn Youngkin, talked about not sharing his anti-abortion stance.
"I'm not really supposed to say that but it's an obvious fact," said longtime Democratic operative James Carville.
From tech companies to Merrick Garland to Anthony Fauci, the list of investigation targets for the House GOP is long.
A GOP candidate’s ad is going viral for the wrong reason.
Donald Trump's comments about Chao and Mitch McConnell "could well cause violence," the Wyoming Republican warned.