Republican Party

This week, three more current or former governors are joining the presidential fray while just one senator has declared: Tim Scott of South Carolina.
Sununu had been teasing a potential bid for the Republican nomination in recent months.
Who hasn’t wanted to stick it to the guy who called you a “wimp” for not overturning a democratic election?
The Florida governor sought to show a softer side on the presidential campaign trail this week in New Hampshire (beep boop).
Grassley and Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.) want to publicize an unverified tip sent to the FBI in 2020.
The Florida governor and GOP presidential candidate hasn't been taking questions at any of his campaign events, most recently in New Hampshire.
Solomon Peña is accused of organizing and carrying out attacks in New Mexico, including one that involved a machine gun, after his 2022 election defeat.
Paxton was suspended when the state House voted to impeach him this weekend.
Kevin McCarthy once suggested the president needs "soft food.” Now he's the one serving a "s**t sandwich" to his caucus.
Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is expected to launch his second campaign for the Republican nomination for president next week in New Hampshire.