Republican Party

Two days after vote Trump's campaign team talked of the loss, then immediately plotted to push lie the Dems had stolen the election.
Rep. Guy Reschenthaler (R-Pa.) just kept stepping in it as he tried to get the California Democrat to condemn people admired by the former GOP president.
Did election denier Kari Lake (R) break state law with a tweet claiming to show proof of voter fraud? Arizona’s secretary of state seems to think so.
Most Republicans named to the panel, including its new chair, fueled lies about the 2020 presidential election and voted to reject the results.
Instead of running away from the newly elected congressman and his lies, the Republican Party should embrace the monster they’ve created.
"Some of them are not that bright. But they just don’t care," lamented the MSNBC anchor.
Mother Jones reported being unable to locate the names or addresses listed on Santos' campaign finance filings.
McDaniel was installed by coup-attempting former President Donald Trump and took the blame for the GOP's three bad election cycles he caused.
The Florida Republican previously sparked backlash for his joke about last year's hammer attack on Paul Pelosi.