Richard Cordray

He beat Democrat Richard Cordray in the midterm elections, keeping this swing state under GOP control.
Democrat Richard Cordray will face Republican Mike DeWine in November.
“It's not just baggage. It's funky baggage. What Democrat is friendly with Assad?” one elected official said.
The former congressman is seeking the Democratic nomination in Ohio's gubernatorial race and recently revealed he accepted $20,000 from a pro-Assad group.
American democracy doesn't look much better.
Leandra English and Mick Mulvaney both claim to be the rightful acting head of the bureau.
The move sets up a critical battle over who will keep banks in line.
Who’s out there fighting for you? When you go to vote, and you have to choose between a Democrat and a Republican, ask yourself
An appeals court appears likely to rule that Trump can't fire the director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
An appeals court will reconsider a major defeat for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.