Richard Glossip

"I believe it’s very likely that, at some point, Oklahoma has executed an innocent person.”
The state's attorney general called some corrections employees "careless" in how they carried out lethal injections.
Fewer people were sentenced to death than at any time since the '70s.
"Violent and uncontrollable seizures" could result if Ernest Johnson is administered Missouri's drug protocol.
The court placed far too much faith in Oklahoma's disastrous lethal injection protocol in January and in June.
Oklahoma's disastrous lethal-injection protocol shows he was right about the death penalty all along.
Three different state trials resulted in the same unfair outcomes: death for those that did not physically participate in the killings, and life for those who did. Looking at each of these cases is like having a really bad case of triple déjà vu.
The Oklahoma death row inmate seems to be "suffering from a kind of PTSD," a friend said.
MCALESTER, Okla. -- A tense scene that had unfolded just two weeks earlier was playing out again at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary