Richard Nixon

A "Jeopardy!" contestant wrote that he "got caught flatfooted" after the game show's host Ken Jennings asked him for clarification.
There’s one big factor that usually prompts a primary challenge to an incumbent. The Biden presidency doesn’t have it.
Dean also highlighted a huge difference between Richard Nixon and Donald Trump.
With Trump’s indictment, it looks like the justice system is finally doing some justice.
The first lady made her first stop in Namibia.
The Fox News host looked back at the Watergate scandal that Nixon himself once discussed on tape.
Richard Nixon's White House counsel said Trump provoked the FBI search and media personalities who defend him will have "egg all over their face."
The Fox News host actually cited a president who resigned in disgrace to support Trump's questionable defense for keeping top secret documents at Mar-a-Lago.
Famed reporter Carl Bernstein said President Donald Trump’s phone call with a Georgia election official is worse than the scandal that brought down Richard Nixon.
“It is beyond Nixon," the former White House counsel said of the Trump Justice Department collecting private information about members of Congress.