Richard Nixon

Trump is famously dog-averse. But as presidential pet owners have found, owning a dog makes you relatable like nothing else can.
The California newspaper wrote in an editorial that Trump is “simply playing to a constituency that was cultivated over decades by people like Nixon and Reagan."
"There is no defense, no rationalization, no suitable explanation for what my father said on that taped phone conversation," Patti Davis wrote in The Washington Post.
Then-California Gov. Ronald Reagan called African delegates to the U.N. “monkeys” in a phone call with President Richard Nixon.
Reagan made the offensive comment about African delegates at the United Nations in a 1971 telephone call.
President Donald Trump’s reason to not give up his tax returns may have just been blown up, thanks to President Richard Nixon.
Contrary to the Trump administration, Congress actually HAS grabbed a sitting president's confidential tax info before.
Watergate's "master manipulator" said he testified against Trump because he is "deeply troubled" by this presidency.
Former President Richard Nixon’s White House counsel John Dean testified before the House Judiciary Committee on the special counsel’s investigation investigation into President Donald Trump.
Meanwhile, the Trump administration has hired over a dozen former Fox News staffers since 2017.
Robert Mueller "has provided this committee with a road map," the former Nixon White House counsel testified before the House Judiciary Committee.
Rep. Nadler said the Justice Department agreed to turn over some evidence from the report, including files used to assess whether the president obstructed justice.
The MSNBC host recalled former President Richard Nixon's disastrous attempt to rebrand the national holiday.
There's "high anxiety" everywhere about a president who has "legitimized hate" in our political culture, the former Watergate reporter argues in a podcast interview.
The Treasury secretary previously said he'd be happy to give Congress details on the process.
“I think she’s had an Oscar, a lifetime achievement Oscar for lying,” the veteran ABC news anchor said of the White House press secretary.
The former secretary of state added that the Mueller report "could not be more explicit" in showing Trump obstructed justice.
Nixon's "master manipulator" says the attorney general may be trying to cover something up.
The House Judiciary Committee chairman didn't hesitate when asked how far he'd go to get the report released.
"The truth has a way of coming out in the end," Patrick Leahy said.