Rick Davis

Meghan McCain is concerned that quite a bit more than what appeared about her in Game Change will find its way into the HBO film. Where might they find such dirt? Ironically, in McCain's own book, Dirty Sexy Politics.
Palin rattles off a good game about Big Oil and lobbyists. Yet government documents reveal that a top aide of hers served as a lobbyist for BP Amoco from 1999-2000, receiving payments through his former lobbying firm the Mercury Group.
There is an air of both tragedy and farce as the Arizona Republican primary for the United States Senate comes to a conclusion this Tuesday. Incumbent John McCain has been forced into the sludge against an unworthy opponent, J.D. Hayworth, in what is likely to be the final campaign of his political career. He may have once branded himself a political reformer, but with John McCain, the democratic process has always come with a price attached.
Game Change is interesting, but there's not much in it that wasn't already known. It's not a strong analytical book.
It's time for McCain to tell the truth about his campaign and, rather than blame his own failures on "the stock market crash," to accept responsibility for his lack of economic credibility and his selection of a running mate.
Rarely has a national election been so fiercely challenged, so infused with meaning, so weighted by widely swinging dramatic arcs, and so blessed by such an engrossing cast of characters.
He's right. There are plenty of other factors that will decide the outcome on November 4--all variables which could have
By breaking the nexus between lobbyists and government departments, Obama is doing something that hasn't been done before. He has raised the ethical bar higher than any previous president.
Palin is one-person reiteration of everything from "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" (early round dismissal?) up through and including "Survivor."
With the post-election analysis season almost over, it's worth taking one final look at some of the characters who ensured President-elect Obama would make it to the White House.
(CNN) -- Rick Davis, the campaign manager for former John McCain's White House bid came to Sarah Palin's defense in an upcoming
Wailing about retro Palin's loony views on global warming or creationism will earn nods of approval in the fur-lined traps of Georgetown's elite salons. It will not, however, grab victory on November 4th.
McCain campaign manager Rick Davis conceded on "This Week" that John McCain has to win five out of six of these states to
Lead McCain pollster Bill McInturff argued that those numbers are outdated, because America is now a "center right" nation
"Moncrief acknowledged she was fired in January from Project Vote for running up more than $3,000 in personal expenses on
We'll have plenty of time to dissect this pig after November 4th, but I wanted to get a head start on some of the most egregious acts of political malpractice I have ever seen at this level of politics in my life.
His campaign seems based on one idea alone: because of who he is -- not what he has done as a senator, not what he wants to do as president, but who he is -- John McCain should be president.
"'We don't respond to questions about ACORN'," Davis said, imitating the Obama campaign. "I don't mean to have this call
"Look, John McCain has told us a long time ago before this campaign ever got started, back in May, I think, that from his
When asked on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" program Monday for his reaction to Colin Powell's endorsement of Barack Obama, John McCain