Rick Perry

He got at least two children's books, plus a Clinton-themed version of "Macbeth."
Veteran Affairs Secretary David Shulkin has been investigated for misusing travel funds in a trip to Europe.
Activists have been fighting with this government entity for years. Now, it's getting revamped.
The move was a blow to Energy Secretary Rick Perry.
Electricity to power streetlights would likely deter some abusers -- but you don't need harmful fossil fuels for that.
Favoring fossil fuel incumbents over their clean energy competitors is not deregulation.
Energy Secretary Rick Perry explains things in only the way Rick Perry can.
The company declined to answer questions about the cost of the flight.
“It’s not a crisis, but if people start running out of gas it's gonna be interesting."
Late Wednesday, Trump’s Secretary of Energy Rick Perry released a controversial grid report in an effort to pressure market
There’s actually no “tremendous disagreement” among federal climate scientists that humans are to blame for accelerated global warming.