Rick Perry

Other speakers include former Texas Republican Gov. Rick Perry and rapper Jaden Smith.
Some Trump aides have suggested he follow the trail blazed by Texas Gov. Rick Perry and hold a post-booking press conference.
The Trump White House energy secretary's denial fell apart with some comical evidence from CNN.
The Republican also insisted that wind and solar energy had caused the blackouts when coal, nuclear and natural gas energy systems bear much of the blame.
The former auto industry lobbyist will replace Rick Perry as head of the Department of Energy.
Rick Perry and Nikki Haley have both recently claimed some kind of divine intervention when it comes to the White House.
The secretary of energy used "imperfect" Old Testament kings to make his point.
Jessica Cisneros is challenging Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar from the left — and calling out his friendship with the former governor.
The Perry supporters and campaign donors won a 50-year oil and gas exploration contract shortly after Volodymyr Zelensky was inaugurated, AP reported.
Energy Secretary Rick Perry is the first member fo President Donald Trump's Cabinet asked to appear before the House.