Rick Ross

After Meek Mill’s release from prison, the rapper went straight to see the Philadelphia 76ers big win.
Ross is being treated in a cardiac unit at a Florida hospital.
This isn’t just about Ross, but the ways in which sexism goes unchecked in hip-hop spaces.
“My comment is not reflection of my beliefs on the issue.”
"He was doing a lot of sneaky things behind my back."
Rick Ross is doing a very important collabo with the good people over at the Wingstop Foundation in order to award scholarships
"It's a lot of distractions that's meant to distract you from staying focused."
Boosie Badazz is an interesting figure in hip-hop. A rapper originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, he has amassed a following in some areas where he can sell out entire arenas alone.
When you think about starting a technology company the first thing that comes to mind might not be hip-hop. To some though, they are one in the same. Teja Yenamandra is the CEO Gun.io. They are a technology company that connects high quality freelance developers to well paying projects.
Warning to small-minded people: Don't mess with Estelle's gay fans! With choice words for the narrow points-of-view which "seem to run the world," the Grammy-winning singer admitted negative attitudes toward the LGBT community "really bug" her.
Jason Feathers - “De Oro” Vic Mensa delivers another hard-hitter, receiving production from Kaytranada. Are you with Vic
“It’s not necessarily a stretch for his image -- he’s a big guy and you could imagine him eating a lot of food,” Zack O’Malley