Right Wing

A propaganda expert traces the Texas senator's attack on the American military to a Russian defender.
Jen Psaki tore into a right-wing reporter over a bizarre question about a “secret memo.”
The rapper is releasing an unofficial pair of custom “Satan Shoes” that are triggering conservatives.
A scholar of authoritarians discusses the MAGA insurrection and how the end of Trump’s presidency might be the beginning of a phase of extremist violence.
Baseless claims of Democratic attempts to rig the election are mobilizing the president’s supporters to rally in the streets.
The Justice Department said that the FBI and ATF will help police investigate the death of a Trump supporter who was shot during a demonstration.
Millie Weaver, 29, was arrested for allegedly robbing her own mother. Supporters for her have now raised $170,000 for her legal fund.
Pro-Trump pundits are treating a mild political event like it's an attack against America.
Steven Carrillo is charged on multiple counts, including murder and attempted murder, after a violent rampage against law enforcement in California.
Air Force Sgt. Steven Carrillo has been charged with 19 felonies in the death of a Santa Cruz County deputy sheriff and for alleged pipe-bomb attacks.
As Donald Trump warns of antifa, far-right extremists linked to the Boogaloo movement have been repeatedly charged with attacks.
Extremists are promoting anti-government violence on Facebook during the coronavirus pandemic. The social media giant appears to be doing little about it.
It was yet another example of right-wingers ignoring measures that have been put in place to slow the spread of the coronavirus.
The rise of right-wing leaders after the fall of President Evo Morales is "a recipe for catastrophe."
During an interview on “Hannity,” President Donald Trump went after former President Barack Obama for an IRS audit scandal.
The video giant declined to remove an Atomwaffen Division video when it was first reported last week.
I don’t want my sons to grow up without grandparents, but I also don’t want them to grow up thinking it's OK to put kids in cages.
The bad-faith attack attempts to paint the freshman lawmaker as being flippant about the terrorist attack.
Right-wing pundits are trying to use the polar vortex to discredit climate change concerns and Democrats’ Green New Deal.
They hope you'll forget his Trumpian policies, and his role in making Trump possible.