Robert Durst

Durst was recently sentenced to life for a 2000 murder.
The real estate scion was recently sentenced to life in prison in California for killing a confidante who helped him cover up the slaying.
The wealthy real estate heir was charged in Westchester, New York, with second-degree murder in the decades-old disappearance.
Attorney Dick DeGuerin said he is very concerned for the real estate heir.
The former real estate scion is also facing potential charges related to the disappearance of his first wife in the 1980s.
Westchester District Attorney Mimi Rocah decided in recent days to take the case to a grand jury.
Jurors deliberated about 7 hours over three days before announcing they had reached a decision in the slaying of Susan Berman.
The accused murderer told the court that he was "mostly" telling the truth, but admitted, "there are certain things I would lie about, certain very important things.”
The real estate heir said he lied for years about sending police a note directing them to Susan Berman's body because he feared it implicated him in the killing.
Durst, 78, is accused of killing Berman to cover up the alleged murder of his wife, who disappeared in 1982.
In a rare move for a defendant, the New York real estate heir will stand at his Los Angeles County murder trial on Thursday.
Douglas Durst reluctantly testified Monday that the two never got along and he feared his oldest sibling would kill him.
Prosecutors had just laid out their case for jurors last year when the coronavirus became a public health threat.
The wealthy subject of HBO's "The Jinx" has reversed course on the letter but maintains he did not kill his friend Susan Berman.
“What the hell did I do? Killed them all, of course,” Durst famously says in the conclusion to HBO's "The Jinx," captured on a hot mic while in the bathroom.
In an apparent dig at the president, Trump business rival Douglas Durst credits the charge with getting brother Robert Durst off the street as he awaits trial.
Durst once had his friend Susan Berman make a phone call pretending to be his missing wife, a witness testified.
Newly released court papers add another layer of weird to the case.