Robin Roberts

Sources say Barbara Fedida, a powerful ABC News executive, has an extensive history of insensitive comments. She's now been placed on administrative leave while the network investigates.
The "Good Morning America" host noted her chat with the "Empire" star began more than two hours late.
“Empire” actor Jussie Smollett gave his first detailed account of the alleged hate crime against him on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”
She regrets not seeing the level of diversity in the White House she "strove to see."
The "Good Morning America" co-host threw some serious shade at the departing White House aide.
Raye Montague is the woman who revolutionized the way the U.S. Navy designs ships.
At 8:30, the show wraps up its on-going GMA Supercoach and Kid Correspondent segments. Don't care about either one. Too many
As I close my eyes before I go to sleep, the hours of footage I studied earlier that day replays in my head over and over again. The interview sound bites are imprinted in my mind as I piece them together on an imaginary timeline.
In this current era as the political and theocratic Right attempts to reverse progressive human and civil rights initiatives won over the past decades and to prevent such measures from taking root where they have not grown previously, I am extremely encouraged by the leaders from the highest levels and from the grassroots showing courage in the face of resistance and backlash.