Robyn Gardner

The man who traveled to Aruba with Robyn Gardner in 2011 and was the last person to see her alive was denounced by the missing
The lone suspect in a Maryland woman's disappearance in Aruba is trying to get $3.5 million for the insurance policy he took
The Maryland man came under additional scrutiny when authorities discovered Giordano's travel insurance policy on Gardner
An American tourist has drowned at the now notorious, tranquil Aruban beach where Robyn Gardner went missing in August. The
There were plenty of high-profile crime cases in 2011, including the trials of Casey Anthony and Michael Jackson's personal
Robert Forrester vented his frustration on Wednesday about the unsolved mystery and accused Giordano of covering up the 35
"Human trafficking, yeah absolutely, that's something I've been thinking about the entire time, since day one," Richard Forester
"I'll interview myself, if you don't mind," Giordano told "Good Morning America's" Robin Roberts during a sit-down that appeared
The statement from Reed doesn't mention Giordano. Instead, Reed said the family just wants to know what happened to Gardner
Authorities are also investigation a $1.5 million insurance policy taken out under Gardner's name that listed Giordano as
The lead suspect in the case of missing American tourist Robyn Gardner is criticizing a police reenactment simulating his
Still, getting tapped for the case is another feather in the cap for Baez whose career rose slowly. He graduated from Miami's
The pair reportedly met on an online dating website, but were platonic, according to Gardner's friends. WATCH: However, witnesses
Sergio Silva told ABC's "Good Morning America" that he saw Gardner and Gary Giordano leaving the Rum Reef Bar & Grill in
Officials in Aruba believe Gardner is dead. Authorities launched a new search for Gardner's remains on Monday. Delawter says
Aruban Solicitor General Taco Stein, the spokesman for the investigation into Gardner's disappearance, said Wednesday that
The network also notes that investigators found blood on a rock near the dive shop at the Rum Reef Bar & Grill, where the
After this 16-day period of detention ends, prosecutors can ask that Giordano be held for 60 days while they prepare a case