Robyn Gardner

"We were just going to dip in. You’ve done that before. You’ve gone in and stuck your face in four feet of water," Giordano
Gary Giordano answers the questions that have gripped the country.
It's a tragic when a person, adult or child, suddenly disappears. Often, the case gets immediate attention from the public
The hefty insurance policy may have been one of the factors that made Giordano a suspect last summer. Two days after Giordano
Around 6 p.m. last Friday, Gary Giordano, 51, was arrested in Maryland when police found him naked in his Cadillac Escalade
An American tourist has drowned at the now notorious, tranquil Aruban beach where Robyn Gardner went missing in August. The
There were plenty of high-profile crime cases in 2011, including the trials of Casey Anthony and Michael Jackson's personal
Robert Forrester vented his frustration on Wednesday about the unsolved mystery and accused Giordano of covering up the 35
"Aruba has two main sources of income, and it's not tourism -- it's cocaine and human trafficking," he said during the interview
On the show, Giordano, 50, attempted to dispel media reports that cast him in a negative light and denied he played a part