Rod Blagojevich

The Illinois governor appeared on Celebrity Apprentice in 2010 before he was sent to prison.
Seven congressmen warned that freeing the former governor could encourage public corruption.
Blagojevich began serving a 14-year prison sentence in 2012.
I accept the deterrence argument advanced by those who disagree. It's logical: If Blagojevich wasn't deterred by his predecessor
Prosecutors will either dismiss or retry disgraced former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich on five of eighteen counts stemming from his corruption trial. Blagojevich will remain in Bureau of Prison custody while serving his 14-year prison term, while his attorneys petition the Seventh Circuit for en banc.
Blagojevich, a Democrat, was arrested in December 2008.
Blagojevich was convicted for trying to make money out of his power to appoint a replacement for Barack Obama, who was leaving his seat in the U.S. Senate representing Illinois after winning the presidential election in 2008.
Illinois has a long history of politicians going to jail. It appears that corruption is a learned behavior passed down from one politician to the other or maybe power sometimes corrupts people. However, there is no excuse for the bad decisions that politicians make.
Four years after Illinois' fiasco with former Gov. Rod Blagojevich's impeachment and trial, Andy Shaw of the Better Government Association says the state has learned from the ordeal. Reforms have been implemented to limit conflicts of interest, stop contract abuses and combat a general culture of corruption.
In April of this year, Gallup released the results of a national survey in which Illinois was ranked as the state with the highest percentage of residents who believe it is the worst place to live in the United States. Infamy of this sort is not easily earned, but instead accrues over decades.
Quinn's gubernatorial opponent Bruce Rauner said he favored reducing Illinois' $8.25-an-hour minimum wage to the federally mandated $7.25 minimum. No sooner did those remarks become public -- generating swift backlash from nearly all sides -- than Rauner backtracked.
Sometimes a politician's best speech comes on the witness stand. Here is an updated collection of quotes directly from corrupt
I interviewed top 100 defense attorneys in America-ranked Chicago attorney Sam Adam Jr., who defended former governor Rod Blagojevich, on my radio show, asking him to compare the Blagojevich case with Chris Christie's situation, from a defense and prosecution perspective.
On the fifth anniversary of their client's infamous arrest, Rod Blagojevich's lawyers were back in federal court seeking to have his conviction overturned.
Monday marked the five-year anniversary of Rod Blagojevich's arrest. What followed made Illinois a national punch-line and represented a new low point for Illinois politics.
We love Illinois and its many quirks. And sometimes you have to have a little fun with all of this.We've compiled 12 sure-ways to tell that you're an Illinoisan.
Throughout Harris's testimony, jurors heard how Blagojevich spent his days as governor. He passed much of his time at his home, ordering two state-paid workers to research future high-paying jobs for him. The secret recordings revealed that the plotting was constant.