Rodrigo Duterte

The surprise move will free Lance Cpl. Joseph Scott Pemberton from imprisonment in the 2014 killing of Jennifer Laude in the Philippines.
More than 5,700 mostly poor drug suspects have been killed under Duterte’s anti-drug crackdown.
A Manila court found Ressa and former reporter Reynaldo Santos Jr. guilty of libeling a wealthy businessman.
Duterte tried to demonstrate his heterosexual bona fides by inviting several women onstage to kiss him.
Philippine officials first arrested Ressa, executive editor of Rappler, in February — among a series of attempts to stifle the site's reporting on Duterte’s war on drugs.
The New Zealand prime minister's reaction to the Christchurch mass shootings shows we can break out of default reactions of numbness and denial.
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Rodrigo Duterte also referred to the audience of female military and police as "crazy women."
Long a target of President Rodrigo Duterte, Ressa was arrested Wednesday in the latest attempt to silence her and her news site, Rappler.
Journalist Maria Ressa says she won’t be intimidated by the Philippine authorities after she was arrested for libel.
The controversial president says he told a priest that he snuck into his maid's room and "touched" her while she slept.