Roe v. Wade

An Arizona judge says the state can enforce a near-total ban on abortions that has been blocked for nearly 50 years.
The Republican senator introduced legislation that would outlaw abortion at 15 weeks nationwide.
"At the beginning of her second trimester, right after she’d started telling people she was pregnant, she began bleeding and cramping."
Republican candidates across the country are being forced to address abortion rights as midterm elections approach.
Supporters of legislation to protect marriage equality couldn't convince enough Senate Republicans to pass the measure next week.
In a 2018 interview, New Hampshire House candidate Robert Burns says a panel should decide on abortions in cases where the mother’s life is at risk.
GOP leaders are trying to distance themselves from a bill that's in line with their party's record and position, not to mention the priorities of their base.
The senator’s new legislation is a complete reversal from his most recent comments about restricting abortion access.
The bill has no chance of passing in a Democratic-controlled Senate, but it does signal where the GOP might go if they take back power in November.
Opponents of the measure claimed typos made the qualifying petitions incomprehensible, but the state's highest court rejected that argument.