Roe v. Wade

State Attorney General Steve Marshall argues he can prosecute anyone in Alabama who helps provide out-of-state abortion aid.
Several Texas women suing the state over what they say are deeply confusing restrictions shared their harrowing stories in court on Wednesday.
Rev. Dr. Love Holt spoke before a House committee about the harm that a national abortion ban could cause.
Abortion rights activists were unhappy with the president’s comments, as millions of people are being denied access to abortion care in nearly half the country.
Trump said the federal government should play a “vital role” opposing abortion but again failed to provide specifics on what national restrictions he would support.
“It’s terrible. We’re at a 50% increase just in the year,” one provider said.
Some organizations that finance abortion care are spending donations quicker than they’re receiving them — threatening one of the last support systems for abortion.
From something so terrible, so unthinkable, came a full-blown resistance that centered abortion rights in the national conversation like never before.
The order directs federal agencies to look into ways they can support birth control access.
The divide between Democrats and Republicans over support for abortion rights also was the largest ever in 2022, according to the General Social Survey.