Roger Stone

Stone received a gag order in February which prohibited him from commenting publicly about his ongoing case. He has since made many posts about his alleged crimes.
Stone's in trouble again for social media posts, this time for attacking Robert Mueller's investigation.
"Well she's dead and he's president- who won that one?" asked the longtime GOP strategist in defense of Donald Trump's attack on the former first lady.
The gag is all about the obsession that Donald Trump's longtime associate has with Richard Nixon.
The requests for underlying evidence are central to Democrats’ demands for Mueller’s full report.
“I was good at making sure that the people who are working for me, with me, were there for the right reasons," the former president said on Wednesday.
The former White House aide believes there's one longtime insider whom Trump fears the most as a witness.
The CNN legal analyst seemed dumbfounded by Stone's actions after a judge imposed a gag order against him.
Roger Stone, who faces a gag order, "may no longer share his views on these particular subjects with the world," the judge wrote.
The now-deleted post suggests the Trump ally is being framed.
Attorneys are ordered to explain why they didn't reveal the "imminent release" of a book by indicted political operative.
“It’s all fun and games until someone threatens a federal judge and almost gets sent to jail for it.”
The former Trump confidant is accused of lying, obstruction and witness tampering in the Robert Mueller investigation.
Over the course of a few hours on Monday, Stone posted, deleted, edited, reposted and re-deleted a photo of the judge and an online rant.
The Trump associate posted a picture of federal Judge Amy Berman Jackson next to what looked like an image of crosshairs.
Robert Mueller's findings on the indicted Trump confidant appear to link him more directly to hacked campaign revelations.