Ron Johnson

He's also out to gut Social Security and Medicare, the senator said in a takedown of her Wisconsin colleague just weeks before the midterms.
Special agent Stephen Friend said he thinks U.S. Capitol riot defendants can’t get a fair trial and that some are innocent.
Activists are holding events with a six-foot-tall "scatue" of the Wisconsin GOP senator to protest his claim that climate change is “bullshit.”
In an incredibly telling slip of the tongue, ultra-conservative Sen. Ron Johnson (Wis.) said he condoned white supremacy, before correcting himself.
The GOP Wisconsin senator uttered what one critic called an "all-time Freudian slip" in an interview with Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business.
"I don’t want to disrupt people’s lives," Johnson said, downplaying the threat to same-sex marriage after cheering the end of federal abortion rights.
“If you love this nation and are concerned about its future, join us,” said the GOP senator who played a role in attempting to falsify Electoral College results.
"What elected official would ever want to cut Social Security?" Johnson asked after proposing a shaky funding system for a program 69 million Americans are currently relying on.
The beleaguered Trump ally has more explaining to do.
Johnson, who previously said he saw "no reason to oppose" the bill, now wants an amendment protecting religious freedom.