Ron Johnson

The Wisconsin Republican was pressed on Sunday to disavow the president's statements against four women of color in Congress.
“This is not a traditional president. He has unorthodox means," Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) said in defense of Trump.
The Senate homeland security chairman seemed to defend Trump on pulling the ex-CIA chief's security clearance, but not without some hedging.
Ron Johnson and Mitch McConnell did whatever it took to hold the lifetime seat open for a GOP president to fill.
Republican Ron Johnson makes the dubious claim that Obama might have been briefed by the FBI on a then-closed Clinton email investigation.
If they'd had hearings on the bill, they might have seen this coming.
Their new tax bill lavishes breaks on businesses that underpay what they owe.
Senate Republicans are squabbling over relative tax benefits for the richest companies.
“I come from the poor people and I’ve been here working my whole stinkin’ career for people who don’t have a chance,” Orrin Hatch said.
"That’s not my problem. I’ve got my own things I’m trying to concentrate on, OK?"