Ron Wyden

Federal benefits are going to expire, and Republican legislatures are looking to make cuts.
Sen. Pat Toomey voted against Democrats' measure, blaming them for passing a bill that lacked protections and had no GOP support in Congress.
Weird Senate rules have made the $1,400 fair game for private collection.
After a roadblock in their $15-an-hour plan, Senate Democrats are considering higher taxes on corporations that pay low wages.
Controlling the Senate could give Democrats new power to obtain Trump's tax information — if they want to.
They warn the slow COVID-19 vaccine rollout means the poor economy is unlikely to go away by spring.
Democratic lawmakers are demanding a criminal investigation, saying political appointees "orchestrated a coverup to protect" Secretary David Bernhardt.
Sen. Ron Wyden is demanding to know what constitutional authority the Department of Homeland Security has to snatch protesters off the streets.
More than 44 million Americans have filed for unemployment in a 12-week period because of COVID-19.
Interior Department's inspector general investigation was sparked by Democratic lawmakers' complaint that excessive force was used on a peaceful crowd.