Ron Wyden

The Finance Committee chair is asking questions after a HuffPost report that crypto millionaires were taking advantage of the “opportunity zone” tax break intended to help poor neighborhoods.
The Senate Majority Leader plans to submit legislation in the next "several months."
A new Democratic proposal would target investments held by the wealthiest Americans, such as stocks, in order to pay for new social programs.
A deal on prescription drugs may be closer than it seems, although the big question is what would be in it.
Democrats wanted to overhaul the unemployment system. Now, they're proposing setting bare minimum standards for states.
Senators unveiled new proposals Friday targeting stock buybacks and partnership income.
The website for non-tax-filers to sign up for the child tax credit has been plagued with accessibility issues. Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon wants to know why.
Finance Chair Ron Wyden sketches out his vision for reform, including key progressive priorities.
Federal benefits are going to expire, and Republican legislatures are looking to make cuts.
Sen. Pat Toomey voted against Democrats' measure, blaming them for passing a bill that lacked protections and had no GOP support in Congress.