Ross Mirkarimi

It's an unprecedented move, but the new policy was immediately criticized.
8. What happened when an Alliance, Ohio, woman called 911 this week? a. The phone call went unanswered for three hours, during
Lopez testified before a city ethics panel that the neighbor convinced her to document the bruise in case she and Mirkarimi
Though coverage wouldn't start until inmates leave jail, the policy would allow applicants to sign up while still incarcerated
"I'm pretty excited about this," Mirkarimi told the San Francisco Chronicle. "We are the only sheriff's department in the
Mirkarimi attempted to reach out to the domestic violence groups that led the movement to have him removed from office. "Invite
Mirkarimi told KPFA that many of the inmates in San Francisco's county jails are eager to exercise their right to vote and
(SCROLL DOWN FOR PHOTOS) It all started when Mirkarimi was accused of domestic violence. Olague was first implicated in protecting
With the presidential elections just around the corner, conspiracies abound, debate strategies, facial expressions and everything means more than it actually does.