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Ross Mirkarimi

It's an unprecedented move, but the new policy was immediately criticized.
BONUS. In an interview with CNN, why did Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton distance herself from San Francisco
Mirkarimi, a co-founder of California's Green Party, struck a deal with prosecutors to plead guilty to a lesser charge and
Furthermore, given the high rates of hepatitis, HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis in the prison population, helping inmates sign
The San Francisco Sheriffs Department held a series of dance flash mobs at the city's jails on Thursday as part of an international
At the Commonwealth Club, the sheriff was apologetic and spoke about the need to heal wounds caused by the scandal, both
Over 400 San Francisco prisoners have been registered to vote in Tuesday's election. "I am proud to say that SF leads the
With all this turmoil, only one thing is for sure: this is still D5, so all the candidates really love bike lanes. A lot
With the presidential elections just around the corner, conspiracies abound, debate strategies, facial expressions and everything means more than it actually does.
Today, one way or another, the tale of San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi gets its last chapter. Whatever happens from this point forward, this is the only story people will remember, the bruise heard around the world.
Wednesday's hearing by the San Francisco Commission on the Status of Women on Ross Mirkarimi's status as Sheriff in light of the Ethics Commission's August 16 ruling that he committed official misconduct made plain the deep divide in the San Francisco community over this issue.
The Ethics Commission's decision came after a full day of closing statements from both Mirkarimi's lawyers and representatives
Now, before you go and think that I am prone to conspiracy theories and looking through drawers for secrets, understand that I have been knocking around this town for most of my (allegedly) adult life.
According to SF Weekly, the alleged victim was someone Calvarese "knew and had some sort of relationship with." Calvarese
Take a look at images from their reunion, courtesy of Joe Vazquez for CBS News: By Suzanne Stathatos Lopez and Mirkarimi
After his conviction, Lee brought misconduct charges against Mirkarimi, which are being heard by the Ethics Committee. Once
"The only function that video tape serves is to humiliate and embarrass Eliana Lopez," she wrote. "Is that really how the
Although Lopez is supposed to return to San Francisco by court order on June 16, she expressed a longing to stay in Venezuela
Many of Mirkarimi's defenders have charged that, because Herrera has subpoena power and defense doesn't, the hearing has