Roy Moore

The former Alabama chief justice accused the comedian of defaming him by calling him a pedophile and a sex offender on his 2018 Showtime series.
Moore lost a 2017 special election to Sen. Doug Jones (D-Ala.) after numerous women accused him of sexually assaulting them as teenagers.
The Alabama Republican ended the latest quarter with just $34,000 cash on hand.
The lawmaker fired back with a blistering response on Twitter.
The GOP Senate candidate from Alabama ranted that a cross-dresser on the 1970s show would be promoted in today's military. What?
Republicans are speaking out against the former judge's decision to run for office again after he was accused of sexually assaulting teenage girls.
President Donald Trump previously said Moore "cannot win" if he faces incumbent Democrat Doug Jones.
The Alabama Democrat is one of the most vulnerable candidates preparing for reelection in 2020. But can he win over the deep-red state again?
The president said the "consequences would be devastating" if the former judge challenges Democratic Sen. Doug Jones in 2020.
The former Alabama judge and Senate candidate responded to a GOP rival by tweeting, "If I win, I will beat Doug Jones," though he didn't last time.
Moore lost his 2017 Senate race after several women accused him of sexual misconduct when they were teenagers and he was in his 30s.
The Alabama Republican accused of sexual misconduct and assault argued he unfairly lost in 2017.
Who exactly led the efforts remains unclear, but the funding sources trace back to progressive activists and tech billionaires.
Brett Kavanaugh is just the latest man accused of sexual assault Trump has defended.
The failed Senate candidate claims the comedian's show "Who Is America?" defamed him.
The disgraced Alabama Senate candidate has also hinted he may launch a lawsuit against Cohen.
The 'Who Is America?' interview with the failed U.S. Senate candidate from Alabama is definitely squirm-worthy.
Sheriff Todd Entrekin denies having sex with a 15-year-old when he was 29.
The veteran journalist indicated he was "interviewed" by the same person who sat down with Sarah Palin.
The actor's latest alter ego, Dr. Billy Wayne Ruddick Jr., says the former vice presidential candidate is "bleedin’ FAKE NEWS."