Rudy Giuliani

The Florida governor has announced his 2024 presidential bid. Turns out that tyranny and global domination aren't the only things the Republican has in common with the former president.
"No one, not a single person, has been held to account," said Giuliani as he rambled about the FBI on Thursday.
The MSNBC host found Bill Barr's response to a question about Trump to be very telling.
Daniel Gill says the former New York City mayor spun a deceptive tale of political violence from an act of harmless heckling.
Noelle Dunphy, a former aide to the ex-New York mayor, said Giuliani claimed he would split the money with then-President Donald Trump.
The MSNBC host looked at the most serious allegations against the former New York mayor.
A woman who says she worked as a consultant for Rudy Giuliani alleges that the former New York City mayor coerced her into sex and owes her nearly $2 million.
“Republicans don’t do dirty tricks,” Steve Bannon protested before Giuliani replied, “Well, how about this one?”
The "Late Show" host said this single sentence may cost the company $1.6 billion.
"I barely even understood what he was saying," Alaska Republican Dan Sullivan said of the former Trump attorney's Jan. 6, 2021, message.