Rudy Giuliani

"What the hell is that authoritarian porn video?" asked the host of "Full Frontal."
The president's attorney is asking the public to withhold judgment on the accused sex trafficker's death.
The CNN host impersonated Donald Trump's personal attorney — and suggested some roles for him on the reelection campaign.
The president's comments echo similar attacks he and his allies made against Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential election.
The former New York mayor shared a video that was altered to make the House speaker appear to be slurring her words.
The Trump attorney planned the trip to lobby for an investigation of the former vice president's son, Hunter.
Prior to the news, Trump said it would be "appropriate" to discuss an investigation into Hunter Biden with Attorney General William Barr.
Trump even resorted at one point to retweeting himself.
The presidential candidate said it would be "highly unethical" for Trump's personal lawyer to push foreign officials on issues that could benefit the president.
Jeffrey Harris says his old boss would've charged Trump "in a heartbeat."
The president's lawyer also called Mitt Romney a "hypocrite" and said the Utah senator should "stop this pious act."
The former White House counsel lashed back over attacks on his credibility.
“Our strategy came to be that when we weren’t talking, we were losing.”
The Mueller report found that Trump issued a statement saying the meeting was about adoptions -- not to get dirt on Hillary Clinton. Giuliani says that's not a lie.
Trump's personal attorney claimed, however, that only Attorney General William Barr could make that decision.
Sater helped hide millions in stolen funds in the U.S., including as down payments in Trump Soho, the Kazakhstan bank's suit claims.
The attorney’s conclusion that the special counsel's report is good news for President Trump is premature, the Fox News host warned.
Attorney General William Barr will review the findings and determine how much to make public.
One Twitter user said it would be a shame if everyone suddenly updated Giuliani's Wikipedia page with "hilarious information."