Rush Limbaugh

Krystal Ball spoke out on her Hill TV show and Twitter about the conservative radio host's sexist and false accusations.
The right-wing radio host went on a racist rant against Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for describing conditions for migrants detained on the U.S.-Mexico border.
"Next time the religious right talks about morals in politics, please remind them of Trump’s behavior on Good Friday 2019."
Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh claimed, without citing any evidence, that the New Zealand mosque attacks are a false flag operation.
Right-wing radio host spreads conspiracy theories about New Zealand mass shooting.
The right-wing radio host explained to Chris Wallace the difference between executive actions by Obama and Trump is "right and wrong."
The right-wing radio host agreed with actor Ben Stein's earlier claim that Ocasio-Cortez is promising "the same kinds of things" as genocidal dictators.
After being cowed by various right-wingers, Trump "wants the fight," not the wall, conservative Charlie Sykes said.
The "conservative blonde woman" was likely a reference to Ann Coulter, who called the president gutless for not building the promised border wall.
The president and his White House had signaled for days that they would avoid a partial government shutdown. But then Fox News and Rush Limbaugh attacked Trump, and here we are.
“They say we’re divisive, but we’re not divisive,” Limbaugh said. “We’re defending an America that has strayed from our founding."
The president touted the appearance of "conservative media legends" Limbaugh and Hannity at his event.
Republicans may end up regretting attempts to nationalize the elections.
Some of the president's most high-profile supporters have suggested the bombs were part of a false flag operation.
Some politicians say it's inappropriate to talk about climate change when disaster strikes. Most North Carolina voters disagree.
The shock jock still commands a huge audience, but he's not standing out in the era of Donald Trump.
"Somebody is going to produce a tape of prostitutes peeing on a bed."
“Marches aren’t going to solve it,” conservative pundit Rush Limbaugh said.
"The left is encouraging this kind of activity. They are promoting it. And they celebrate it," the conservative radio host said.