The U.S. agency waged a mission to extract the informant from Russia in 2017 after Trump's election, multiple media outlets reported.
"He’s obviously ruffled the feathers of some very powerful people" who "want to keep him quiet," Anderson argued on "The View."
The vice president urged vigilance ahead of elections in the U.S. and Poland, in an attempt to assure the European ally that Washington takes the matter seriously.
President Trump insisted that Vladimir Putin was ousted from the G-8 "because of Obama," ignoring that Russia violated international law.
Trump faces a tepid reception as anxiety grows over a global economic showdown and tension over trade, Iran and Russia.
Russia was ousted from the multinational group in 2014 after annexing Crimea. Trump did not mention Crimea or Russia's aggression in Ukraine in his remarks.
The Ural Airlines A321 collided with a flock of birds that got into both of the plane's engines.
The Kremlin won’t say much about a blast at a secretive Russian nuclear reactor.
The former FBI agent's complaint alleges the bureau caved to pressure from Trump when it fired him over derogatory messages about the president.
Huntsman is reportedly considering a 2020 run for governor of Utah, his home state.
Unusually hot and dry conditions have led to fires blazing across the Arctic.
President Donald Trump's administration says Moscow is in violation of the Cold War-era Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF).
"That would be an accurate Trump response to literally any question."
The freshman lawmaker has a few words about McConnell's leadership skills.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) rebuked critics who called him “Moscow Mitch” after he blocked various election safety bills proposed by the Democrats.
The Kentucky Republican blocked two measures last week that would have beefed up election security.
Robert Mueller’s testimony proved to be comedy gold for the late night hosts.
Robert Mueller’s testimony on Capitol Hill proved comedy gold for late night hosts.
The former special counsel said during testimony that Trump's failure to notify the authorities about Russian meddling could be precedent-setting.
Former special counsel Robert Mueller explains why he decided not to serve President Donald Trump with a subpoena in order to obtain an in-person