Dr. Claire Karekezi says the genocide is what made her understand that "we cannot count on anyone but ourselves."
Starting the first of April, the government says it will give the asylum seekers the choice between prison and “voluntary” deportation.
Israeli rabbis, including Sarah Silverman’s sister, Susan, are offering to hide African migrants to protect them from prison or deportation.
Israel is giving African migrants two options, neither of which seem ideal.
The brutal crackdown on Myanmar’s Muslim minority is a reminder of ethnic violence in Rwanda and Bosnia.
The unfolding of events in Charlottesville over the weekend and President Trump’s refusal to explicitly denounce the violence
Elections in Rwanda and Kenya yield mixed results. In South Africa, cronyism wins the day.
"Dian undoubtedly saved a species," Sir David Attenborough said.
Providing women-centered maternal health care at the community level All women deserve respectful, culturally sensitive, women
Rwanda's president said the meeting was "an act of courage" and is the start of a "new chapter."
After each performance, the cast conducted workshops with youth from 
the camp who were eager to learn skills in circus and
"The 45-minute intensive and technical warm up is also a key part of the class," Bashir added. "This is a way for kids to
Thirdly, the KWI-A and its scientists provide chilling illustrations of some significant writings on the colonial origins