Rwandan authorities have long blamed the international community for allowing extremists to kill an estimated 800,000 people 30 years ago.
Fulgence Kayishema is linked to the killing of some 2,000 people.
The French president solemnly detailed how France had failed the 800,000 victims of the genocide but he stopped short of an apology.
A well-known critic of President Paul Kagame, Rusesabagina had been living outside Rwanda since 1996 and police did not say where he was apprehended.
As fresh air becomes crucial to fighting the spread of the coronavirus, modern office buildings that depend on air conditioning may need to rethink their design — and draw inspiration from the past to do it.
Primatologist Dian Fossey predicted the species would go extinct by 2000, but intense monitoring and care have given the great apes a second chance.
Dr. Claire Karekezi says the genocide is what made her understand that "we cannot count on anyone but ourselves."
Starting the first of April, the government says it will give the asylum seekers the choice between prison and “voluntary” deportation.
Israel is giving African migrants two options, neither of which seem ideal.
The brutal crackdown on Myanmar’s Muslim minority is a reminder of ethnic violence in Rwanda and Bosnia.