Ryan J. Reilly on Justice

A nine-month battle with St. Louis County’s broken justice system was punishment on its own.
Ronald Davis, now a Justice Department official, said the suggestion cops are standing down is an insult.
Christopher Manney shot Dontre Hamilton 14 times in April of last year.
The internal affairs division usually decides the officer did nothing wrong.
A pastor, a "peace poet," a legal observer and a student muralist also head to court.
A St. Louis County spokesman suggests community service is on the table in similar cases.
Police said Reilly "moved his belongings around in an inefficacious manner."
The Huffington Post condemns the charges filed by St. Louis County against our Justice reporter, Ryan J. Reilly, while covering
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During her first tenure in the Eastern District, Lynch helped prosecute police officers who severely beat and sexually assaulted
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