Saki Knafo on Poverty

Abel now works at another pizzeria that also does not offer paid sick days -- but after years of campaigning on the part
Antonio Ware describes fashion as something he simply can't do without. As the economy gropes its way toward recovery, employment
The Atlantic Center shopping mall where Charles works is in the middle of Brooklyn, the most populous borough of New York
Mayor Mike Bloomberg is going head to head with the NRA in Illinois. is jumping into the fray in Ohio. According
The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), a prominent gun-industry trade association and lobbying group that happens
It wouldn't be unreasonable to wonder whether gun makers were actually disappointed that the tone of the speech wasn't more
My Kindle edition of Paul M. Barrett's "Glock" says I've only read 20 percent of the book, but I can already tell that this
Pedro Correa survived the last storm, Hurricane Sandy, by clinging to the roof of a floating house. He'd stayed behind on
“The public clearly makes an assumption very different from that of the Obama administration or Mr. Brennan: The public thinks
What worries Monte is the timing of the government's plan. If the buyout doesn't happen soon, he said, he'll be hard-pressed
Meanwhile, in DC, the Senate is getting ready to move on its own gun control bill. Reid, the Senate Majority Leader, is seen
The hearing was held in a crowded auditorium of Newtown High School, where President Barack Obama met with the families of
The Connecticut legislature's bipartisan task force on gun violence and school safety is holding the last of four public
"I am a gun owner," Faxon told The Huffington Post, "and I firmly believe that our children's safety takes precedence over
As reported by CBS and AP, the state's Democratic senators are teaming up with Dianne Feinstein to propose a new federal
CBS Los Angeles is reporting that the Fontana Unified School District Police Department has purchased 14 AR-15 assault weapons
I've been talking to people in the gun-rights world, trying to get their perspectives on the debate. For anyone interested in those perspectives, the Second Amendment Foundation seems to be a valuable source of information.
Steve Sanders, the president of a student gun rights group at Lone Star College in Texas, said he was unaware of reports
If the pro-gun-control members have their way, Connecticut's new gun laws could end up looking a lot like the tough new bill that just passed in New York.