San Francisco

The woman alighted from the San Francisco train “at the very last second" and the dog remained on board, transit officials said.
The Marvel actor followed his box office hit with a smashing success on the mound.
The Bay Area hub is the first major city to make a vaccine requirement this strict.
"We believe we are obligated to protect our workers and their families, and to offer a safe space for customers," the San Francisco alliance of bar owners wrote.
Health officials in Bay Area counties are reinstating mask requirements for all indoor settings due to the contagious delta variant.
The former Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers star was booked into a jail in Seattle on Wednesday morning.
The owner of a prehistoric-looking house in a posh San Francisco suburb has settled a lawsuit with the town of Hillsborough.
For transplant patients, powerful immune-suppressing drugs prevent rejection of their new organs but also leave them extremely vulnerable to the coronavirus.
Howard Simon checked out Dylan’s “Self Portrait” album in 1973 from a University Heights library and recently returned it along with $175.
Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin were wed in 2004 and again in 2008, when marriage equality became the law of the land in California.