San Francisco

San Francisco's DA says prosecutors are having trouble with defendants who claim to be victims of human trafficking, but it’s hard to find many instances where that's happened.
Nima Momeni, a tech consultant, is accused of fatally stabbing Cash App founder Bob Lee on the streets of San Francisco, in April, shocking the tech community.
Drollinger, who will receive a $55,000 stipend in her 18-month role, hopes her new position" telegraphs to the rest of the country that drag is not something to be scared of.”
The San Francisco district attorney's office said the security guard was acting in self-defense when he shot and killed 24-year-old Banko Brown.
Jordan Neely told New York City subway riders he was hungry and thirsty and didn't care about going to jail. Instead of being helped, he was choked to death.
For us, simply gathering to eat can be an act of resistance.
“It’s been a mental and physical grind," Logan Webb said. "It’ll be good to get back home, for sure. Hopefully the s**ts go away and will be better in a couple days.”
The 18-page report by the San Francisco Medical Examiner also showed Bob Lee had alcohol, cocaine, ketamine and allergy medication in his system.
The DVD service still had as many as 1.3 million subscribers as of last year, but that was down from its peak of 16 million.
San Francisco prosecutors say the 38-year-old tech consultant charged with the killing of Cash App founder Bob Lee planned the attack.