“I don't want to go to a different country. I want to live in my country. Why am I forced to now leave my own home because of this racism and this fear?” Sondos al-Silwi is planning to move to Yemen so that she and her infant daughter can be with her husband. Why? Because of Trump’s Travel Ban.
People at the scene said the warplanes were believed to be from a Saudi-led Arab coalition waging a campaign against the Houthi movement.
A Saudi-led coalition appears set to attack the port in Yemen where nearly all the country's food comes in.
Written by Basem Al Absi Houthi and Saleh militias are still using Yemen civilians as human shields while they continue to
"I understand your job is to bring attention to our situation, but how do you do it? Nobody cares. We've been in this war for almost a year and everyone has forgotten us."
Julien Lanoo's photography is a documentation of the built environment. He looks at the architectural world with a deep understanding of its historical and social layers as well as the visible and intangible connections between nature, light and materiality.
You have to be special to want to inhabit a Glass House. The new Sanaa-designed Grace Farms River and Philip Johnson's Glass House to which it pays homage invite contemplation of what that really means.
SANAA/ADEN, Oct 8 (Reuters) - Three brothers preparing to get married were killed in a rocket attack alongside at least 22
With little reporting coming out of Yemen, social media has become one of the main sources of information.
The move demonstrates Iran's rational nature, the president said.
Saudi Arabia sees the Houthis as proxies for arch-rival Iran, which they accuse of trying to expand its influence in Riyadh's
That's his nickname, acquired being first on the scene to shoot the effects of booby-trapped cars during his native Lebanon's civil war.
How did a rogue band of radicals with such a destructive ideology appear so suddenly and gain such influence in such a rapid timeframe? The answer is an inconvenient truth -- but it is one we must accept. ISIS exists due to both unjust Western imperialism, and unjust Muslim majority governments. To stop ISIS requires reversing this trend.
“The Saudis did the right thing,” said McCain. “The Saudis and their allies did the right thing.” Graham added that Obama's