Sandra Bland

The two teams — the Seattle Storm and New York Liberty — stayed in their locker rooms in solidarity with Black Lives Matter while the anthem played.
Black women are disproportionately victims of police brutality, but activists say they've been left behind and erased from the mainstream fight against police violence.
Mass hysteria about the purported dangers of Black people restricted Black life in all sorts of ways over the last decade.
On the fourth anniversary of Sandra Bland's death, the feds are falling even further behind in releasing information about jail and prison deaths.
The Sandra Bland video offers one more reason to feel afraid because of who I am.
Five Democratic 2020 candidates said video of the 2015 arrest days before the woman was found dead in a cell warrants a new look at the case.
Her family is calling for the investigation to be reopened based on the newly surfaced cellphone video.
“Something doesn’t feel right about this, it’s all too familiar,” one activist said.
The former NFL player's tie listed the names of some of those killed by police, including Tamir Rice and Freddie Gray.
Justice Department data on American jail deaths is getting even more useless.