Sandra Fluke

Sunday marks the 98th anniversary of the adoption of the 19th amendment that established women's right to vote.
Rep. Jason Lewis made a series of misogynistic comments during his former radio show, CNN found.
The contraception rights advocate testified before Congress partly because another student had class.
For Sandra Fluke, it was easier to slay Rush Limbaugh than win a state senate race.
When will we, as a country, accept that a woman's body is her own? When will we stop policing women's bodies, and start accepting that she is capable of making the decisions for herself?
In the end the hand wringing over political correctness is just the politically correct way for some people to defend their unwillingness to change.
the Federal Communications Commission, which oversees the public interest in broadcasting, has consistently stood by Limbaugh's First Amendment right to say whatever he wants, no matter how many people he harms or offends. Until, perhaps, now.