Sandra Fluke

Sunday marks the 98th anniversary of the adoption of the 19th amendment that established women's right to vote.
Rep. Jason Lewis made a series of misogynistic comments during his former radio show, CNN found.
The contraception rights advocate testified before Congress partly because another student had class.
For Sandra Fluke, it was easier to slay Rush Limbaugh than win a state senate race.
When will we, as a country, accept that a woman's body is her own? When will we stop policing women's bodies, and start accepting that she is capable of making the decisions for herself?
In the end the hand wringing over political correctness is just the politically correct way for some people to defend their unwillingness to change.
the Federal Communications Commission, which oversees the public interest in broadcasting, has consistently stood by Limbaugh's First Amendment right to say whatever he wants, no matter how many people he harms or offends. Until, perhaps, now.
Fluke lost to fellow Democrat Ben Allen, a Santa Monica-Malibu school board member, by over 21 points. As The Huffington
Both Sandra and Ben, two young, progressive candidates, have made it clear that they want to remove money out of politics and overturn Citizens United. But until campaign finance reforms at both the national and state level are enacted, what should be the criteria for judging the financial purity of each candidate?
As the most populous and wealthiest state in the union, California is no stranger to big money spending in elections. In
Both Ben and Sandra are excellent people, who I am confident, if elected, would serve our district well in the State Senate. But I have decided to stand with Sandra Fluke, and let me tell you why.
Sandra Fluke and Ben Allen are the somewhat similar, often labeled "progressive" candidates vying for a state Senate seat being vacated by State Senator Ted Lieu who is a shoe-in to represent the 33rd Congressional District in Washington, D.C.
Many take our freedom of speech for granted, especially in a noisy election season, or when the Supreme Court denigrates its importance through decisions like Citizens United. But for too many victims, the freedom to speak up about the nightmare of domestic violence is still a dream.
Sandra Fluke has moved on to the general election in the race to represent California's 26th District in the state Senate
Women at college should be able to focus on their academic careers and building their lives, without fearing for their safety.
What's the advantage of paying Limbaugh the big bucks when host stations in New York and Los Angeles with barely-there ratings lose out to public radio stations at the far end of the dial? And when Limbaugh's advertising base has absolutely shriveled since his self-inflicted Fluke wound?
"It's important to understand that those are quote-unquote women's groups with a particular conservative agenda and that's
Some folks may know only what national media has highlighted about my work. I've already begun meeting directly with voters throughout this district, but in case we haven't gotten to meet in person yet, here's some of what I'd tell you.