Sandy Hook

The default judgment means Jones and Infowars will now be liable for all damages, and a jury will decide how much he will have to pay.
A judge issued default judgments — a rarity in the legal world — against Jones and Infowars after the conspiracy theorist failed to produce discovery records.
Remington, which made the gun used in the 2012 massacre, has received the disciplinary records, report cards and employment records of several victims.
Lawyers for the bankrupt Remington offered nine families nearly $3.7 million apiece after the company's Bushmaster AR-15-style rifle killed 20 children and six educators.
The company "treated discovery as a game" when it sent 33,000 useless images along with breadcrumbs of potentially relevant information, lawyers said.
A new court filing baselessly claims Clinton orchestrated Sandy Hook defamation cases against the Infowars host in a "vendetta to silence Alex Jones."
"Thank God I'm safe, nobody can get me here," LaPierre recalled thinking after he fled to a private yacht in the wake of the shootings.
"Her statement is clear because here I am with you and she's not," Linda Beigel Schulman, whose son, Scott, died in the 2018 attack, said.
Viewers were reminded of the former president's warmth in the film, which premiered Friday.
A lawyer for some of the shooting victims’ families accused Remington Arms of trying to wipe out a lawsuit over how the company marketed the rifle used in the 2012 massacre.