Sandy Hook

Robbie Parker held a news conference in 2012 to talk about his 6-year-old daughter. Alex Jones used it to call him an "actor." Then the threats poured in.
"I got sent pictures of dead kids because [harassers said] as a 'crisis actor' I didn’t know what dead kids looked like," Nicole Hockley testified in the trial of Alex Jones.
Alex Jones found himself in the hot seat for the second time to answer for the lies he spread about grieving Sandy Hook families.
The site saw a boost of nearly $200,000 on the day it spread a false story titled "FBI Says Nobody Killed at Sandy Hook Massacre," according to sales data.
Bill Aldenberg responded to the shooting at Sandy Hook and witnessed the devastation firsthand. He was harassed by conspiracy theorists for years after.
A Connecticut jury will decide how much money Jones will have to pay to several families of Sandy Hook victims for the lies he spread.
A Connecticut jury will decide how much money the Infowars host should pay for the lies he spread about the 20 children and six adults killed in the state.
They filed a motion accusing the right-wing podcaster of “fraudulent” transfers of "between $18 million and $62 million" from his company to himself and his family.
Medical and psychiatric records of parents of children killed in the 2012 school massacre were among a document dump that included Jones' leaked texts.
The Infowars host admitted sending a naked photo — but said he sent it to his wife.