Sarah Huckabee Sanders

The New York Times reports the video shows a fake Trump attacking versions of PBS and HuffPost, as well as a fake Sen. Bernie Sanders.
During an appearance on Fox Business, former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders declared that the media should take the opinion out of the news. The irony was not lost on viewers.
The irony of the former White House press secretary’s demand did not go unnoticed.
People are chiming in with title suggestions for the former White House press secretary's upcoming memoir.
“In a way, Sarah, you’ve been a Fox contributor all along,” one person on Twitter replied.
As White House press secretary, Sanders often fed the media false and misleading information.
The former White House press secretary was taunted with suggested titles for her reported upcoming book about working for Donald Trump.
The former White House press secretary left her job last week, but her defense of the president continues.
“Do not hold your head high, but hang it in shame," one tweeter fired back at the now-former White House press secretary.
Having a drink with White House officials won't keep civilization from breaking down. It's a little late for that.
The reporter pulled no punches as she bid the outgoing White House press secretary goodbye — and confirmed she wouldn't attend her party.
Jimmy Kimmel said the CNN White House correspondent's holiday-themed anecdote was “the craziest thing I’ve ever heard."
White House correspondents and some Trump staffers plan to send Sanders off with “farewell drinks” next week.
Sarah Huckabee Sanders will be leaving her job as the White House press secretary at the end of the month.
Anthony Scaramucci, the ever-so-brief White House communications chief, had told the E Street Band guitarist to "go back to being a nobody."
The porn actress delivered a sarcastic response to the outgoing White House press secretary's once-stated wish to be remembered as honest.
The CNN host explained why it's now beyond doubt.
The Fox News hosts joked about replacing Sarah Huckabee Sanders at the podium.
One joker said the outgoing White House press secretary's resignation is proof that "thoughts and prayers DO work."