Sarah Huckabee Sanders

The clip damns the GOP with the Arkansas governor's own words.
The Arkansas governor, who was press secretary under the former president, had avoided backing him for 2024.
The Arkansas governor, who once served as Trump's press secretary, was criticized by the ACLU and LGBTQ+ advocates for the move.
“This is nothing more than a manufactured controversy,” the Arkansas governor’s office said.
The purchase of the lectern is undergoing scrutiny and prompting claims that records about it have been altered.
The former Trump White House press secretary-turned-Arkansas governor tried every trick in the book to wiggle out of backing the former president in 2024.
The Arkansas governor claimed the legislation, which replaces a similar ban that recently expired, aims to defend citizens’ “individual liberty.”
Critics slammed the Arkansas governor’s “Real Women” video as transphobic, tacky, cringeworthy, unintentionally hilarious, and straight out of “Saturday Night Live.”
Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders has signed a law that could effectively reinstate the state's blocked ban on gender-affirming care for children.
Rivera reality-checked Republicans who think the far-right lawmaker is "the new normal."