Sarah Jones

Sunday night's Superbowl may have been the focus for a majority of Americans, but a rival event took place at Caroline's Comedy Club, with Jane Fonda as M. C., introduced by Gloria Steinem.
We've pulled together five of the most-watched TED talks from this year as voted by you, our loyal TEDWeekends audience. On the surface, they seem so different. But each speaker is an outsider spreading a common idea -- the best way to find courage in this world is to embrace your own, unique voice.
The train incident took place on February 20th in Wayne County, Georgia, on a trestle that spans the Altamaha River. Investigators
For more, head to Representatives for Hurt confirmed that the actor was no longer participating in the film
"We have expressed our obvious concerns regarding this production starting again," the IATSE representative wrote. "We have
Karin Apollonia Müller starts with photographs taken from a space telescope hundreds of miles above the earth. She molds them into a romantic globe, where geography is altered, balanced and harmonized.
Here are some of the most notable memorializations for Jones, per the Slates for Sarah page. In addition to the Facebook
Meanwhile, a Facebook page called Slates for Sarah has inspired a torrent of tributes to the late cinematographer, whose
Last night in New York, around 200 people came together in Artistic Frame, a glittery showroom in Manhattan's D&D Building, to support Uncoverage, a new crowd-funding platform for investigative journalists.