Sarah Palin

Records released in 2012 by Alaska officials revealed the former governor and vice presidential candidate once quipped about the possibility in an email.
A federal appeals court has revived the suit after a lower court dismissed it in 2017.
The comedian has finally explained why his undercover interview with Palin never made it into his Showtime series "Who Is America?"
Palin mocked Abrams for losing Georgia’s 2018 gubernatorial race, despite losing her own race in the 2008 election.
The former vice presidential candidate gets hit with a brutal reminder of her own history.
The congresswoman tweeted back at a Washington Post column that said she’s “already gotten more publicity than she deserves.”
The British comedian received a nomination for his satirical series "Who Is America?"
Palin's jabs "look like the FWD:RE:FWD:WATCH THIS grandpa emails from the ’08 election they lost," the representative-elect joked.
The former vice presidential candidate's own verbal fumbles come back to haunt her.
Track Palin, 29, allegedly assaulted a woman at his home in Alaska on Friday.
Sarah Palin joins Donald Trump on the list of people not been invited to the funeral of Senator John McCain.
The GOP presidential candidate's 2008 running mate will, along with President Donald Trump, be conspicuously absent from the service.
He cut off a supporter who had termed Barack Obama an Arab, but there are reasons why he needed to step in.
The cable network defended the comedian amid accusations of “stolen valor.”
The veteran journalist indicated he was "interviewed" by the same person who sat down with Sarah Palin.
The actor's latest alter ego, Dr. Billy Wayne Ruddick Jr., says the former vice presidential candidate is "bleedin’ FAKE NEWS."
The disgraced Alabama senatorial candidate said the comedian duped him into giving an interview for the new Showtime series "Who Is America?"
The former Fox News pundit and vice presidential candidate said the "Borat" creator's team also made her miss her flight home.