The College Board will instead use a tool that assesses various socioeconomic factors and documents them as separate data points.
The number will be based on 15 factors, including crime rate and poverty levels in the student's home neighborhood.
Standardized testing services are accusing students of cheating, with no proof and no due process.
"They're saying I improved basically too much," the Florida high school senior said.
Testing perpetuates systemic inequalities, and it isn't even an accurate indicator of achievement.
Both traditional and charter schools fall along a predictable pattern of SAT scores correlating strongly to PI, and thus
Standardized testing perpetuates the very inequalities it is designed to measure.
The dreadful, horrifying 8 a.m.: the time when millions of high school juniors and seniors go to high schools around America
The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) has a new website. On May 02, 2017, one could
Since my parents didn’t speak English fluently, I was in charge of taking orders, waitressing and was the face of the restaurant.
Education and testing mammoth Pearson has an established history in botchinghigh-stakes testing. Pearson did it again, in
How in the name of anything does the SAT encourage lifelong learning?
I am both skilled and privileged. Acknowledging one doesn't dispel the other.
It behooves us to reconsider who we educate, how we do so, and for what reasons
The truth is, learning, insight, intellectual development are not quantifiable.
Hundreds of thousands of New York parents have already notified school officials that they will refuse these flawed and harmful tests.