School Shootings

Teachers in Ohio would have to complete a police training course or have 20 years' experience as a peace officer to carry a gun.
In the era of school shootings, "posting a video attack of teacher unions with wall of guns backdrop — deplorable," a Twitter user snapped.
“This administration will not wait for the next mass shooting to heed that call,” Biden said while listing out his demands to Congress.
The GOP lawmaker, facing major backlash over social media posts, admitted soon after that the 2018 high school shooting was not fake.
The Georgia Republican has suggested the school shootings that killed their children weren't real.
They're unproven and traumatizing, particularly during COVID-19 when students and teachers already confront so much, the physicians say.
Some of these trainings do more harm than good, according to the American Federation of Teachers and National Education Association.
A new RYOT/HuffPost short documentary revisits a 1982 incident in which a young man entered a school determined to shoot others and himself.
Chuck Bonniwell's remarks drew swift outcry from listeners, which included shooting victims' families.
"Between protecting the NRA and our children, he’s made his choice," the Democratic 2020 hopeful said of the president's inaction on gun violence.