School Shootings

The incident raises serious concerns that concealed guns intended to protect students could kill them.
Led by young Columbine students, these teens hope images of their bodies will be publicized if they're gunned down in a mass shooting.
Abbott once tweeted that he was "embarrassed" California was buying more guns than Texas. "Pick up the pace, Texans," he urged.
Golden, who changed his name to Drew Grant, was 11 when he helped carry out what was then one of the deadliest U.S. school shootings.
The site of a 1999 school shooting in Colorado has inspired a number of copycat shooters in the two decades since the massacre.
Lenny Pozner's 6-year-old son Noah died in the shooting. Two authors wrote a book saying it never happened.
Jefferson County Superintendent Jason Glass said he's considering demolishing the Colorado school and building a new one, according to local reports.
Riley Howell, an ROTC cadet, died after he stopped a shooter from harming more students at the University of North Carolina Charlotte last month.
His family said Eubanks, 37, “lost the battle with the very disease he fought so hard to help others face.”
Keanon Lowe, a football and track coach and a security guard at Parkrose High School, tackled an armed student before anyone was injured.
Joshua Jones, 18, was shot twice after attempting to disarm one of the shooters at his Colorado school last week.
The security guard has stayed out of the public eye since Tuesday, when two suspects opened fire at the STEM School Highlands Ranch.
Brendan Bialy, who confronted the shooter at STEM School Highlands Ranch, is expected to go the boot camp this summer.
A middle school student in broke into tears while asking Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke how he would prevent mass shootings if elected.
"I’m afraid that one day I’ll go to school and I’ll never come out," the young Iowan told the Democratic presidential hopeful.
At least 20 lawsuits filed Wednesday allege negligence from the local school district and sheriff's office related to last year's mass shooting in Parkland, Florida.
But it appears Mark Richardson's work email and phone number are no longer active.
No matter your age, there's a YA book out there for you.
Infowars host Alex Jones was questioned for three hours by the lawyer of a Sandy Hook parent who has accused him of causing the victims’ families pain by claiming the shooting was a hoax. It did not go well for Jones.