School-to-Prison Pipeline

A new government watchdog report shows how black students and students with disabilities are punished more severely.
Communities often look to increase school cops after tragedies like the one in Florida. That can be bad for minority children.
Expelling kids from school denies them the chance to become better citizens.
The U.S. took in Asian refugees after the Vietnam War, only to put many on a deportation path. A record number could be fed into this system in 2018.
The 5-year-old allegedly said he couldn't take his backpack off or it would explode.
How one state supports its teenagers while a neighboring state punishes them.
School-based police officers are paid to protect our kids. But sometimes they do more harm than good.
These policies have funnelled countless kids -- a disproportionate number of them black and Hispanic -- into the juvenile
"I am comfortable with people knowing I'm the girl who stood up," says Niya Kenny.
“Implicit biases do not begin with black men and police, they begin with young black boys and their preschool teachers, if not earlier."