Scott Walker

Tension ensued as the CNN anchor dismantled the former Wisconsin governor's claims about the violent protests against racial inequality in Kenosha.
The former Wisconsin governor's name was trending for all the wrong reasons.
The former Wisconsin governor and other Republicans are fuming over going back to calling the evergreen a holiday tree.
The former Wisconsin governor and other Republicans are livid over the science-themed holiday tree in the state Capitol.
The former Republican governor of Wisconsin gets mercilessly mocked over his "pizza" pic.
The ruling stems from an ongoing battle over legislation that GOP lawmakers and Republican Gov. Scott Walker passed during a lame-duck session.
The former governor of Wisconsin kicked off CPAC with some outrageous hyperbole about women’s medical decisions.
As the ousted Wisconsin governor attempted to explain economics to Elizabeth Warren, Twitter pointed out his failed FoxConn deal.
Former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker falsely claimed a 70 percent marginal tax rate would take $7 of every $10 earned.
Republicans used a decades-old rule to pass the laws. The suit says the process was illegal under the Wisconsin state constitution.