Sean Hannity

The Fox News host thought he was being clever.
The Fox News personality dedicated less than 50 seconds to the moment involving Curtis Sliwa’s Guardian Angels group.
Curtis Sliwa, founder of the vigilante group seen in the clip, has previously admitted to faking several crimes for publicity including his own kidnapping.
“His mother back in Venezuela felt the vibrations,” the group’s founder Curtis Sliwa boasted to Sean Hannity, adding the man is now “sucking concrete.”
The Fox News host is upset with President Biden for the most unexpected reason.
The Fox News host set out to persuade the singer to support the GOP in 2024 but probably should have tried another strategy.
The Fox News host bent over backward to rationalize Trump’s remarkable gaffe.
The former president goes off-track in a Fox News interview.
The Fox News host spent an extraordinary amount of time trying to take down a fellow media member.
The conservative media personality's move to Palm Beach is the latest in 40-year trend of political and cultural migration of like-minded conformity.