Sean Hannity

The Fox News personality's new oceanfront property is a short drive from the former president's home.
The former president pushed a lot of conspiracies on Fox News, the CNN anchor pointed out. But he also promoted getting vaccinated against COVID-19.
The Fox News host went way over the top when talking about the former president's current schedule.
Republicans downplay the coronavirus pandemic this time last year in a "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" montage.
The Trump White House press secretary logged a "helloooo pot, meet kettle" moment in her new Fox News gig.
The conservative host's radio rant took fearmongering to new lows.
"Define infrastructure. I am not AT ALL convinced that you have even the most remote idea what it is," one Twitter critic hit back at the South Dakota Republican.
The Fox News personality offered a hypothetical about the "Late Night" comedian being attacked in his own home.
Twitter users gleefully corrected the conservative talk show host and accused him of telling a whopper himself.
The Fox News host and his reactionary guest went off on an asinine tangent rather than mourning a police officer's death in the Boulder massacre.