Sean Hannity

The Fox News host challenged The New York Times to show its tax returns after its blockbuster report on Trump's taxes.
The Republican National Committee bought up a lot of copies of the Fox News host's latest book, apparently as "donor mementos."
"The Late Late Show" host ridiculed the Trump-loving Fox News personality for his attempted diss of Joe Biden.
This is the campaign of the same president who lied about the severity of the COVID-19 outbreak because he claimed he "didn't want to create a panic."
The video, made by super PAC MeidasTouch, flipped the script, using Hannity's criticisms of Biden to mock Trump.
The former presidential rival hit back after Trump name-checked her during a Fox News interview.
"I mean it's just blatant, textbook, dictionary definition gaslighting," one person on Twitter said of the vice president's fact-defying boast.
Trump launched a stream-of-consciousness attack on everything from windmills to Hillary Clinton.
The Trump campaign asked for donations in exchange for signed copies of the Fox News personality's book.
The "Last Week Tonight" host rips Sean Hannity and others for the network's portrayal of the Portland protests.