Sean Spicer

Ex-White House press secretary and recent “Dancing With The Stars” loser Sean Spicer bashed about the new policy on Twitter.
Lately, the president’s support seems to bring some bad luck.
On "Watch What Happens Live," Brown appeared to backpedal on his previous comments about his "Dancing With the Stars" co-contestant.
“If anyone should be telling Trump jokes, it’s me," Hillary Clinton said.
After his "Dancing With the Stars" elimination, Brown defended his friendship with Trump's former press secretary, saying he's been "planting seeds in his heart."
“Sean Spicer is going to destroy one of the greatest, most respected institutions in the world. I have no choice but to defend its honor."
The Fab 5 star is under fire for calling his controversial “Dancing With The Stars” co-contestant "a good guy."
The Fab 5 member has been criticized for "normalizing" his controversial "Dancing With The Stars" co-contestant.
Tom Bergeron wouldn't have picked the former White House shill, but what's done is done, he said.
"Great job normalizing a white supremacist administration, guys," one Twitter user fired back in response to the former White House press secretary's new gig.
“I will do everything to facilitate this investigation," the former White House press secretary said.
The former White House press secretary could mix it up with politicians and Hollywood celebrities.
The former White House press secretary has a controversial new reporting gig.
The former White House press secretary, in rambling, post-SOTU comments, claimed Trump wanted him back.
Cliff Sims said the incident was "one of the most hilarious things I've seen in my life."
Spicer attacked the New York governor for suggesting America "was never that great."
"Any advice for the young people who want to make a profit from corroding the truth?"