Sean Spicer

"I’d much rather be a friend and a supporter than an employee," Spicer told Mediaite.
The former president also hinted to Newsmax host Sean Spicer that he may run for the presidency in 2024.
Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer threw hissy fits after President Joe Biden said he’d fire them if they don’t resign from U.S. military academy boards.
The former and current White House press secretaries tangled in a war of words after Spicer was ousted from a Naval Academy board.
The Trump White House press secretary’s mouth moved for 90 seconds but nothing was heard coming out.
"Normal" now seems like a "warm hug," says one Twitter wit.
One of the biggest contrasts between the Biden and Trump administrations is the relationship with the media.
Kayleigh McEnany is just the latest White House press secretary to twist the truth for their boss.
Stephanie Grisham has stepped down from her role as White House press secretary, adding to the long list of people who have taken the job.