Second Amendment

The law, which was signed into law by Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, also does not require gun owners to get a background check.
The National Shooting Sports Foundation says David Chipman is a threat to the gun industry.
“The idea that we have so many people dying every single day from gun violence in America is a blemish on our character," the president said.
Donald Trump Jr. gave a bizarre rant in front of an even more bizarre “interior design” choice.
The FBI conducted more than 4.3 million firearm background checks last month as political tumult and transition took hold.
A grand jury indicted the St. Louis couple who aimed guns at anti-racism demonstrators in their neighborhood back in June.
They were allowed to step around metal detectors, which many people pointed out showed an immense amount of privilege.
A militia group bused in protesters for the event, initially touted as a Second Amendment rally.
Sensible gun control measures? Not if these communities can help it.